These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Most Challenging Month At Work, But Here's How To Fix It

April can only mean one thing: It's time to get out there and make sh*t happen because baby, it's officially spring. If you've already broken the resolutions you made back in January, here's your second chance to start all over. Spring is the season of renewal and it replenishes not only the natural world, but also our spirits. It's time to start color-coding your planners, reorganizing your files, and polishing off that resumé — especially because April 2018 will be the most challenging month at work for these zodiac signs: Aries, Libra, and Aquarius. Take a deep breath, everyone. It's going to be OK.

If you're feeling stagnant in your career, frustrated by your work environment, or worst of all, like you're not following your dreams, you're not alone. I mean, seriously, we're being lambasted by retrogrades lately. Can't the universe give us a break? Mercury will be in retrograde until April 15, Saturn enters retrograde on April 17, and Pluto will be following suit on April 22. Oh, and I almost forgot: Jupiter has also been in retrograde since March 8. Let us all hold hands and release a collective sigh. We got this, people.

And let me remind you that as terrifying as this all sounds, retrogrades don't signify the end of the world. All that these strange and chaotic periods do is rearrange our lives and challenge our usual perspectives. They present us with obstacles that, once conquered, only help us grow. And well, it looks like these three signs might undergo some major growing pains in their careers this month.

Aries: You Might Feel Lazy AF

This month, you'll be a lot more concerned with your family and social life than anything else. Your career planet, Saturn, will move into retrograde on April 17, making work the last thing you want to do. If you find yourself pressing the snooze button repeatedly and thinking of reasons to quit your job, it would definitely be understandable. For a sign who's normally got their eye on the ball at all times, you're probably gonna wonder what's gotten into you. You don't always need to be the epitome of success, Aries. Sometimes, it's OK to slow down and indulge in your laziest desires. Work will still be there when you return to reality.

You should put off any major decisions in your career and use this time to engage in some introspection. Ponder what it is you truly want from your career. You might not be getting what you need right now.

Libra: You Might Need To Put Your Plans On Hold

With Pluto, your financial planet, moving into retrograde on April 22, you might need to pause some of your loftier career plans for the moment and focus on the basics. Your wallet may be strapped for cash and your usual sources of income might be a lot less profitable than usual. In order to make ends meet, you might need to brainstorm ways to procure more wealth on the side. If you were planning to invest money on a business idea or take a leave of absence from your day job to focus on your dreams, this might not the best month to bite the bullet.

For as stressful out as you might be, there is a silver lining. You're going to learn valuable lessons about handling money that will serve you well in your future. The smartest business moguls are always the most realistic.

Aquarius: You Might Feel Totally Uninspired

You might feel like your career is coming to a grinding halt with the retrograde of your career planet, Pluto, on April 22. You're normally juiced up with ideas and an endless supply of creativity. This retrograde might make you feel like your brain has been turned upside down, like nothing you're producing is as genius as it usually is. This might cause you to overwork yourself trying to catch up with all the lost progress. You'll only grow more frustrated in the process.

If none of your ideas are good enough, you should take a step back and focus on other things. Your career will not end if you take a break, even if it's just to take a walk or draw yourself a bath. It's when you're not paying attention that a brilliant idea is more likely to strike you.