April 12, 2021 Worst Week, Zodiac Signs

These 3 Zodiac Signs May Feel Overwhelmed During The Week Of April 12

In astrology, there is always the best of times, and then the worst of times. And sometimes, you experience both of them within the same week. As soon as one planetary alignment provides you with positive and motivating energy, another one arrives to make things a lot more difficult for you. However, that's what makes astrology (and life) so interesting. If it was smooth sailing all the time, when would you ever learn? How would you know when to appreciate the good moments? Even though April 12, 2021 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn — there's still so much to look forward to.

After all, affectionate Venus enters Taurus on April 14, providing you with luxury, romance, and comfort to indulge in. When Venus is in Taurus, it grounds and stabilizes your love life just as much as it encourages you to enjoy the splendors of being single. Even though you may be riding the struggle bus this week, Venus in Taurus will remind you of the beauty along the way.

However, on April 16, things get real. The sun in competitive Aries will square off with destructive Pluto in equally-as-competitive Capricorn. This could lead to some intense power struggles and fear-based behavior. You may feel like everything is a slight during this time, as though you're being attacked and you need to defend yourself. And when chatty Mercury squares off with Pluto on April 17, this combative energy will extend to your relationships and the way you communicate with others. The best advice to get through it all is to remember your strengths. If you know who you are and you recognize your success, there's no need to prove yourself to anyone.

Here's what the following zodiac signs can expect:


Virgo: You May Experience Feelings Of Jealousy Or Inadequacy

Your emotions may feel rather intense this week, Virgo. And with emotion comes a whole slew of repressed feelings. In fact, some of your previous wounds may arise once again, leaving you feeling like you're not good enough or that others are better than you. What you're most likely craving is a feeling of validation, and if the world isn't giving it to you, work on validating yourself. Acknowledge all of the beautiful things you've succeeded in, because no one can do what you do the way that you do it. Celebrate your unique gifts.

Scorpio: You Might Feel Buried In A Mountain Of Responsibilities

There are those weeks when it feels like an endless list of tasks need to be done. And as soon as you finish one task, another five show up that need to be done yesterday. If you're feeling overwhelmed, try to be honest with yourself about what you can handle. You're only human and there's only so much you can do before you start being unfair to yourself. However, don't sell yourself short either. You may be surprised by what you're capable of accomplishing in a short amount of time. Start with the hard stuff first and work your way down to the easier things.

Capricorn: You May Have Trouble Coming To Terms With Yourself

There are people in your life that rely on you in many different ways. They probably expect you to act a certain way and be a certain way. If you deviate from those expectations, they might even feel like you're letting them down. However, there needs to be a fair balance between your responsibilities to your loved ones and your responsibility to yourself. This week, try to find that balance before you end up leaning into one extreme or the other.