Antoni Just Explained His Reaction In Those Viral Pete Davidson & Kate Beckinsale Pics

by Jamie LeeLo
YouTube | Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment

Aw, man. Queer Eye star and avocado extraordinaire Antoni Porowski just explained that hilarious photo of himself sitting next to Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale while they went at it in the stands at a hockey game, and I've got to be honest — his first-hand account is way less interesting than the one I pieced together in my imagination. Antoni's reaction to the Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale story is, for lack of a better word, boring. According to him, the third-wheel memes have got it all wrong and he wasn't feeling awkward because of Beckinsale and Davidson at all.

Like, what?

If you missed it, Porowski was photographed in New York City sitting side by side with the spit-swapping duo. Of course, all cameras were pointed at the PDA action considering Davidson had recently and famously split with pop star Ariana Grande. At the time the photo was taken, Davidson and Beckinsale were still new news, so catching them kissing in public was a big "win" for paparazzi. Insert Antoni, who was photographed sitting idly by looking concerned and uncomfortable. Of course, the internet had a field day making third-wheel memes out of Antoni's apparent uneasiness, which late-night host Jimmy Kimmel also found to be hilarious.

Antoni and three of his four Queer Eye castmates, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France, joined Kimmel as guests to talk about their new Queer Eye season and what it's been like to experience global fame. Fortunately, Kimmel made time to whip out the now-iconic picture and ask Porowski to talk about it. Kimmel said, "Antoni, you also caused a bit of a stir. Not intentionally... This is one of the best pictures I've ever seen." Kimmel continued, "You're watching guys play ice hockey while Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson play tonsil hockey right next to you."

Even though Karamo and Jonathan Van Ness almost redirected the conversation to ear hair (I know, it was a whole thing), Porowski made sure he had everyone's attention long enough to explain why his face looked like that. He explained,

I just want to say. I just want to finally clarify. There were two hockey players going at it, basically, like, beating the hell out of each other, and I was genuinely concerned.

Yawn City, population: Everyone. (Cool dad joke.) (Thank you.)

In fact, according to Porowski, he and Beckinsale hit it off. "We chatted the entire time," he said. "She's very funny, charming, witty AF." After Van Ness and France swiped the photo from Kimmel to point out a particularly muscular man sitting behind Porowski, he added, "Yeah, how come nobody talks about him? Why do we always get remembered for things that got nothing to do with us?"

Ugh, poor Antoni.

You can catch the entire moment at the 5:10 time-stamp below:

Even though this story might not have had as fascinating of an ending as I had hoped, Season 3 of Queer Eye will definitely be full of shocking transformations and tear-jerking moments.

You bring the avocados, Antoni. Kate and Pete will bring the PDA. I'll bring the wine.