Annie Murphy's 'Kevin Can F*** Himself' trailer is so different from 'Schitt's Creek.'

Annie Murphy Is Nothing Like Alexis Rose In The Trailer For Her Dark New Show

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Move over Alexis Rose, Annie Murphy is trading her comedic skills for some serious drama in a brand new show for AMC. The network revealed Annie Murphy's Kevin Can F*** Himself trailer, and it shows off a totally different side of Murphy that Schitt's Creek fans haven't seen yet. Featuring a dark storyline that disrupts traditional gender roles (aka the sitcom housewife that caters to her husband), the show is set to hit AMC in summer 2021, and the trailer will have you wanting more.

The Kevin Can F*** Himself Twitter account posted the trailer on Thursday, Feb. 18, and it starts with an explanation of what to expect. The series examines the wife's side of what happens in a sitcom world where everything revolves around her husband. The trailer begins with an overdub of Murphy's voice saying, "It's about a woman who keeps playing the perfect housewife," as she takes food out of the oven and plates it. Then she walks into a living room that looks like a typical sitcom pad, complete with canned laughter. She hands a breakfast plate to her husband Kevin (played by Eric Petersen), who's sitting on the couch talking to two other men. The scene flashes to Kevin asking if his package has arrived yet, before we see Murphy's character, Allison, breaking the glass of a shadowbox, upset that he won't do it himself.

When Murphy says, "One day, she realizes what she wants," the tension builds. In the midst of her hubby's sexist jokes about her, she visualizes stabbing him in the throat with the broken glass, and the clip transitions again. Her character decides to go see an ex-boyfriend and the trailer follows her through her explanation of being stuck inside a marriage that revolves around her husband — one that she no longer wants to be a part of.

Throughout the clip, you get a glimpse into the show's formatting, with switches between the colorized, idealistic sitcom world to a world full of grey, murkier tones, which signify her husband's point of view versus hers. You can expect the series to take on her breaking free of this sitcom lens as she fantasizes about killing him.

You can watch the full trailer below:

Per IndieWire, Murphy's statement about signing on for the series revealed she was afraid of being typecast as an Alexis Rose character following Schitt's Creek's success. “Being in the loopy world of [Schitt’s Creek] was a wonderful world,” she said. “But the world was very small. A big thing for me after Schitt’s Creek, I was worried about being stuck in that blonde, loopy land.”

Fans of Murphy's Alexis Rose are losing it over the actor's transformative new role:

Although you'll need to wait for summer 2021 to see Murphy's Kevin Can F*** Himself premiere, fans are already here for the actor's surprising new show.