Get Ready Lovers, Anna Kendrick Is Going To Star A Rom-Com Anthology Series

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Netflix may rule the rom-com genre nowadays, but there's enough love in the world for other streaming services to build that library even more. I'll always want to see her perform a rendition of "Cups," but Anna Kendrick is joining this trend of romantic comedy stories next. Anna Kendrick's Love Life is slated to be the next bingeable rom-com anthology on TV, so excuse me while I stock up on candy and popcorn now.

TVLine reports that the Pitch Perfect star will star in and executive-produce the anthology series Love Life, which will air on WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service. Before this announcement, WarnerMedia was best known for being the eventual streaming home of Friends after it reportedly leaves its longtime place at Netflix sometime in 2020. Messing with people's accessibility to Friends is a touchy subject, but I have a feeling Kendrick in rom-com material is just enough for WarnerMedia to win over fans.

Set to release 10 half-hour episodes, Love Life will change protagonists every season. In Season 1, each episode will feature one of the main character's romantic relationships, ultimately taking viewers through what the official synopsis calls "the journey from first love to last love." The early blurb also teases that the show will focus on each relationship contributing to who people are meant to be by the time they find their special someone.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In her first role as a TV series regular, Kendrick will appear in the first season presumably as the character experiencing a new romance in every episode. Other casting news is still unknown, but she's partnering with a familiar face for Love Life's behind-the-scenes work. Paul Feig, who directed Kendrick in A Simple Favor, will also serve as an executive producer, so consider this my early petition to have her A Simple Favor co-star Blake Lively appear in an episode. Then someone can pitch a rom-com movie script to Lively as she leaves the set. That's how Hollywood works, right?

As for when the show will premiere, WarnerMedia still hasn't finalized a debut date or its official name, but TVLine reports that it's expected to launch in early 2020. If this is the case, maybe fans can expect to see Love Life by that summer. Until then, another rom-com TV series will be available this summer when Mindy Kaling's Four Weddings and a Funeral hits Hulu on July 31.

Loosely based on the 1994 rom-com of the same name, the series was originally advertised as an anthology, but Entertainment Weekly recently called Kaling's project a limited series. If Four Weddings and a Funeral is only meant to be around this summer, then let's call it the cocktail hour to the full-blown wedding reception that will hopefully be Love Life. Can Kendrick get Kaling involved in her new show, too?

As of May 24, Kendrick hasn't publicly commented about Love Life, but as one of WarnerMedia's first original series, this show is definitely exciting news. People can always use more love stories, and getting 10 mini-romantic comedies in one go is quite the treat.