Anna Faris Left The Most Relatable Comment On Chrissy Teigen's IG

David Livingston/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

A new celebrity friendship is brewing in Hollywood. Well, on Instagram technically, but you know what I mean. Chrissy Teigen thought it would be a swell idea to rent an RV for her and her family so they could stay at their friends' house while still having their own space for her and Legend's babies. That plan went horribly and hilariously awry when the right passenger window was knocked out of the RV. She posted about it on Instagram, naturally, and Anna Faris' comment on Chrissy Teigen's RV Instagram has fans hoping the two hilarious women form a friendship.

Teigen posted two videos in one post to her Instagram on July 24. The first video showed an adorable Luna getting situated in her seat, Papa John Legend popping in to say hi and that he was now a motor home driver. Teigen is heard in the background saying, "That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen." Not sure what she's referencing, but it made people laugh! The second video was... much more disastrous. The video showed the right passenger window completely shattered, and everyone in the video laughing in disbelief in the background.

“I had this amazing idea to rent an RV so we could sleep in our friend’s driveway with the kids and not go back and forth to a hotel, lugging all our baby crap," Teigen said in her caption. "I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country trip but figured just heading upstate would be a good start!" That's a real cute idea, Chrissy! Come on, cross-country road trip! Make those priceless family memories! Turns out, not her best idea ever.

"These two videos were taken 5 minutes apart," Teigen closed off the caption, informing people how quickly their road trip was curtailed.

Read it and (if you're Chrissy Teigen) weep.

This is the kind of sh*t that only happens to Chrissy Teigen. I can't.

People are cracking up in the comments section (where Teigen also noted that neither she nor Legend was driving the RV when the window fiasco happened), but Anna Faris slid her intro into the post.

“Chrissy-I know you don’t know me (we met briefly at the golden globes and I couldn’t talk cause you looked so beautiful) but can we be friends?" Faris said in her comment. "I want to camp with you.”

YES, Anna and Chrissy! Be friends! This would be one of the funniest duos ever. This exchange hasn't been documented by the trusty @CommentsByCelebs account yet, which is truly surprising, but they do a Teigen wrap-up post pretty frequently, so it's probably only a matter of time before this #Feigen content (Taris? Chranna? Anissy?) gets highlighted.

Teigen has yet to respond to Faris' comment, but the comment did get over 4,000 likes, so maybe they're talking in DMs right now planning how they can meet up and be funny together. Please, universe, make this friendship happen. Luna and Jack can be friends! Teigen can go on Faris' Unqualified podcast! There are literally so many fruitful possibilities this friendship would bring! Plus, Faris was married to Chris Pratt for nearly a decade, and that dude knows how to camp. You know Faris is an expert camper now too, if she wasn't an expert pre-Pratt relationship already. Universe, do your thing.