Angelina Got Real About Plastic Surgery & Yes, She Was REALLY Honest

Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

While some celebrities choose to plead the fifth when it comes to talking about plastic surgery to the press, there are still a select few who have no problem being open with their experiences. Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick's quotes about plastic surgery are among the most honest ones out there, and the reality TV star is definitely not ashamed of the work she's had done over the years.

“I’m never going to lie to the fans or anybody that’s going to DM me,” Pivarnick told Page Six about her decision to document her plastic surgery procedures for her fans. Throughout November, she showed off her butt-lift procedure via Instagram, sparking a conversation about how celebs' private cosmetic surgeries usually don't make their way onto social media. "I’m going to be honest ... So, yeah, I’m like, ‘You know, screw it. Let me show people how I got my ass injected.'”

The reality TV fixture has always been known for keeping it real — ever since the very first Jersey Shore episode back in 2009 — but this level of honesty is unprecedented for a celebrity of her caliber. In the age of social media, while many celebrity influencers rave about sponsored protein shakes and fad diets they supposedly use to maintain their figure (and stay mum about any cosmetic procedures that contribute to it), Pavarnick isn't interested in putting up a front. She is unapologetically subverting that norm. "I'm not going to do squats. I took the easy way out, sorry! I don't care. I'm going to be honest," she stated of her most recent round of injections. "I think everyone should get their a** injected if they feel like they want to."

Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

While Pivarnick remained adamant about sticking to the truth and showing fans her journey going under the knife, she still admitted to having some reservations about one surgery in particular. "I was really scared to get my boobs done, so, so deadly afraid," she said of her breast augmentation. "Going under the knife, that was my first time ever." She also recalled that it took her about a month post-op to get feeling back to normal, but realized having a trustworthy doctor was the key to a positive experience.

"I trust him with my life now, he's great," Pivarnick said of Dr. John Paul Tutela, her go-to plastic surgeon. "I had just hit him up two days ago, like, 'Doc, can you do some lipo on me?" It seems fans might get a new plastic surgery update from Pivarnick sooner than they thought.