OMG, Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh Just Dragged Lady Gaga's "100 People In A Room" Line

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Golden Globes began with a hilarious start on Sunday night as hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh delivered one of the funniest opening monologues ever. Amid a complimentary "roast" battle and a bevy of jokes about the Oscars' inability to find a host, the definite highlight of the monologue came when the pair poked some fun at a big Lady Gaga meme from this year. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh's Lady Gaga joke at the Golden Globes definitely stole the show.

As every Lady Gaga fan knows so well, the singer-turned-actress had a habit of repeating the same phrase throughout her press cycle for A Star Is Born this year. Whenever Lady Gaga was asked about being cast in her major movie alongside Bradley Cooper (who both starred and directed the remake), she would always respond with a little hypothetical about how much Cooper believed in her: "There could be one hundred people in a room, and 99 won't believe in you, but all you need is that one person who does, and that was Bradley for me." That short soundbite quickly went viral as fans noticed how often Lady Gaga would say it in her interviews.

A ton of fans were excited to see if Lady Gaga might reference the viral statement at the Golden Globes, but Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg beat her to the punch. During their opening monologue, the two hosts both repeated the iconic "one hundred people" quote while talking to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the audience, and you could tell that Lady Gaga was definitely in the know about the joke, as she chuckled and yelled out, "It's true!" afterwards. Check out the hilarious moment below:

This Lady Gaga quote began going viral this past fall during the press tour for A Star Is Born. Gaga's fans began to notice that the star would continually repeat this "one hundred people in a room" statement during almost every interview that she gave about this movie. Fans were quick to put together video montages of all the times that Lady Gaga said the phrase, editing them together back-to-back to emphasize how much Lady Gaga loved to repeat the little saying. Check out one of these montages for yourself below:

Although Lady Gaga got to have a bit of fun laughing along with Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh's joke, the rest of the Golden Globes ceremony was serious business for the star. Her movie A Star Is Born is one of the most nominated films at this year's ceremony, wracking up five major noms, just one short of the most-nominated movie, Vice, with six. Lady Gaga herself is up for the Best Actress in a Drama category, and she is also up for Best Original Song for her duet with Bradley Cooper, "Shallow." Cooper himself is up for both Best Actor and Best Director, and A Star Is Born as a whole is a major contender in the Best Motion Picture - Drama category.

Hopefully, Lady Gaga will bring up her "one hundred people in a room" story once more if she winds up taking home a trophy.