Amandla Stenberg Shared Her Skincare & Makeup Routines & You'll Wanna Copy Them

Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

Amandla Stenberg is an incredibly busy 21-year old. Between acting in blockbuster movies, dropping singles with more music on the way, and being an activist, it feels as if they don’t have time for much else. Maybe that’s why they keep their skincare routine on the simpler side, to truly gorgeous results. That said, if you’re looking for a beauty routine that doesn’t require a million steps and products, check out Stenberg’s skin and makeup routines, which were posted to Vogue’s YouTube channel.

“I am very basic with my skincare,” Stenberg says after dunking their face into a bowl of ice water — a great way to de-puff your face and hydrate your skin even more. For face wash, they use CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($11, Target), and to get rid of bumps and build-up, Stenberg uses an exfoliating cloth, like Earth Therapeutics’ Super Loofah Wash Cloth ($7, Ulta), pretty much every other day. They also recommend exfoliating your lips with the cloth to buff off the flaky skin and keep them super soft. Then the singer uses a Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strip ($8, Target) because “I love to see what’s coming out of my nose.” To finish up, they use CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($12, Amazon). And that’s on Stenberg’s very simple skin routine.

“Not everyone likes to look like a glazed donut, but that’s my vibe,” they say when beginning to start on makeup, applying the Milk Makeup Skin Tint SPF 30 ($42, Milk Makeup) with their fingers. For makeup, Stenberg also keeps their looks on the simpler side. They use Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil ($24, Amazon) for eyeliner, smudging it slightly with their fingertip. “I feel like I have a relationship with [makeup] now that feels way less about covering up flaws or having insecurities around myself, but more just about having fun,” Stenberg says. After smudging the eyeliner a bit more and redefining their lash line, Stenberg goes back in to clean up the under-eye area with Milk Makeup Flex Concealer ($28, Milk Makeup). Then, they use another Milk Makeup Skin Tint SPF 30 ($42, Milk Makeup) in a darker shade to lightly contour their cheekbones.

“I just did that thing that everyone is doing now where I shaved off the end of my eyebrows because of godd*mn TikTok. So, I have a different eyebrow shape than usual," Stenberg says while using Sunnies Lifebrow Grooming Gel ($17, PNY Beauty) to tint their eyebrows. "But honestly... I’m absolutely loving it." They then use a bit of Eco Styling Gel ($3, Amazon) and a large brush to get their eyebrows to stay up straight. On their top and bottom eyelashes, the actor applies L'Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara ($9, Ulta Beauty) with a wiggling motion. For highlighter, Stenberg uses Milk Holographic Stick ($18, Sephora) on the tops of their cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow.

To make sure their lips are totally moisturized, Stenberg uses Maybelline’s Baby Lips ($5, Maybelline) in Cherry Me, which has a slight tint. To create a Korean beauty-inspired lip, Stenberg applies Sunnies Face Lip Dip in Obsessed ($17, PNY Beauty). They put the lipstick only on the inside of their lip before blotting it out to make the soft look, which involves brighter pigment at the center of the lip, and lighter pigment blending outward. To complete their makeup, they dot and blend a little of the same lipstick on their cheeks and nose for blush.

Despite the simplicity of Stenburg’s routine, they finish the video looking glossy and glowing. For the entire routine, they didn’t use any makeup brushes or sponges, make it so easy to recreate this look. It’s hard to say exactly what’s in store for Stenberg next, but they’ll definitely be greeting their future with a fresh look. Maybe they’ll even see my TikToks.