Amandla Stenberg Just Made A Major Hair Change & I'm Loving The Vibrant Color

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Some celebs play it safe when it comes to their hair, and Amandla Stenberg is simply not one of those celebs. They're pretty much always debuting a new 'do, be it a fun cut, color, or style, and Amandla Stenberg's new blue hair has to be one of my all-time faves. They are a major style icon, after all, so boring hair would simply never suit them. A pop of vibrant color and a cool style just make sense!

When I think of the most common fantasy hair colors, my brain immediately goes to pink, then red, then purple, then teal. True, icy blue strands had their moment back in January, but I haven't seen a truly great blue 'do in a minute, so when Stenberg took to their Instagram to post some sneak peeks of a new look, I was over the moon. Stenberg often rocks their beautiful natural texture, and has even shaved their head in the past, but every now and then, they decide to do something totally different, and this time around, different took the form of a bevy of blue and seafoam green extensions.

Stenberg posted this photo to their Instagram with the caption, "Vibe check"

That's a lot of hair, y'all! Right away, the amount of extensions told me they were most likely doing some colorful, gorgeous braids.

In Stenberg's next post, a blue-tinted mirror selfie, a small peek at the final box braids can be seen...

But for a better view, feel free to ooh and ahh at their lewk from the InStyle Awards:

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stenberg paired the mermaid box braids with a sequined mint green mini dress from Gucci, in what I'd call one of their best red carpet moments to date:

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The cool-toned blue braids contrasting with their warm skintone is everything to me, people! They look beyond major! What a slay.

Later in the night, Stenberg pulled the braids back into a pony, and no surprise, they still looked bomb:

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Never in a thousand years could I pull off hair this fierce, and never in a thousand more would I ever attempt it. That's why I'm glad I have Stenberg to live vicariously through. There's no look they can't rock!

These blue box braids are so different to the teeny tiny blue braid Amandla sported in their Fenty Beauty campaign:

That said, it's not their first full head of blue braids:

Imagine having blue hair not once, not twice, but on the reg? Amandla, in my next life, I hope to be a tenth as stylish as you are.

I do love the braids, and hope they stay, but it's only a matter of time before Stenberg is on to the next iconic slay:

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I'd argue that some of their best looks feature their natural curls:

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That said, I'm a sucker for a good slicked-back moment:

Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kinda hard to pick a fave look when they pull off everything so well, you know?? Still, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Stenberg to stick with the blue for at least a good month.