Every 'Harry Potter' movie is available on HBO Max upon launch.

Every 'Harry Potter' Movie Is On HBO Max Right Now, Because Magic Is Real

by Dylan Kickham
Warner Bros.

HBO Max got an unexpected boost that was nothing short of magical on its launch day. The new streaming service had already made a huge splash by acquiring the exclusive rights to Friends, and early adopters were quick to discover the new streamer also has a portkey to Hogwarts. That's right — all eight Harry Potter movies are on HBO Max, so you can marathon the whole saga whenever you feel like it.

After a couple years of anticipation, WarnerMedia launched its streaming service HBO Max on Wednesday, May 27, and the biggest surprise subscribers noticed was every Harry Potter movie was available to stream in the same place for the first time. The inclusion was a huge shock, especially since most people were expecting NBCUniversal to retain exclusive rights of the movies for its new streaming platform, Peacock. Although WarnerMedia distributed the Harry Potter films theatrically, NBCUniversal acquired the digital and television distribution rights back in 2016. Earlier in 2020, HBO Max and NBCUniversal were still in the midst of discussions over the rights, but now it's clear HBO Max was able to make a deal for the streaming rights.

Along with the eight movies that make up the original Harry Potter franchise, HBO Max will also add the Fantastic Beasts spinoff in the future.


While all of the Harry Potter movies had been available to rent or purchase digitally on HBO's streaming apps before, HBO Max is now the first streaming service to make all the films available to stream for any subscriber.

Having every Harry Potter movie in its library is a huge pull for HBO Max, which also boasts the rights to beloved shows like The Big Bang Theory, The O.C., The Bachelor, and Pretty Little Liars. The new service also houses a ton of hit movies, such as A Star Is Born, Crazy Rich Asians, The Lord of the Rings, and When Harry Met Sally. On top of all that, the streaming service has every movie in the modern DC Entertainment Universe for superhero fans, and for animation lovers, all of the Studio Ghibli movies are available to stream.

You can get an HBO Max subscription now for $14.99 per month.