Ali Krieger & Ashlyn Harris’ Astrological Compatibility Is A Big Win

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Nothing says "relationship goals" like two formidably talented soccer players in love, killing it, and thriving together — both on the field and off. Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris' astrological compatibility is a huge win, and explains why they're such a solid couple worth stanning. Krieger was born July 28, 1984, making her a Leo. Harris, born Oct. 19, 198, is a Libra. As a Leo-Libra couple, Krieger and Harris are evenly matched in their extravagant tastes. Like the lion that symbolizes them, Leo is always down to be the center of attention, from their poppin' professional life to their regal good lucks. Lovestruck Libra romanticizes every part of their life, so in Leo, they find a perfect match. Here's what you should know about the winning combination that is Harris and Krieger's astrological compatibility.

Friendship Is The Basis Of Their Romance

As astrologer Annabel Gat writes in her book The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide, Leo and Libra both "love drama, they both want to be catered to, and they are both hard to impress." Once a Libra and Leo click, it's game over. Krieger and Harris met in 2010 at the U.S. Women's National Team training camp, and the rest was history. “I just found [Harris] to be so captivating and always wanted to be around her,” Krieger told Vogue. “She’s someone who seemed so confident and comfortable with herself, and I was so attracted to that.”

They're A Steady Match With Lasting Power

Krieger and Harris dated for 10 years before getting married in December 2019. This kind of longevity can be traced back to the way their zodiac signs both bring personality traits to the table that the other will always be able to learn and grow from. "Leo, the sign of royalty, finds in Libra someone they can really talk to and whose judgment they can trust," Gat writes. "In Leo, Libra finds someone who is just plain cool, someone they're inspired by, someone they share the same hopes and dreams with." Seeing as Harris and Krieger are both long-term teammates on the USWNT, this applies quite literally.

They Have A Lust For Life

No Leo or Libra is ever going to do anything in a small, minimalist, or low-key way. Of course, these signs don't always turn heads just for the hell of it. Gat writes, "Libra is genuinely concerned with justice, and Leo genuinely desires to be a strong leader... They have so much to offer the world, and they see greatness in each other."

This is apparent in what Krieger and Harris told Allure about their wedding, and why it was such a lavish turn-up. "It ended up being like, ‘Listen, let's share our love with the world. We can make this [wedding] an event for our community,'" Krieger told Allure. "We're saving people's lives [with our visibility], and that's what matters most. We can put our privacy aside for a moment and just be like, ‘This is worth it.' "

Gat also adds that Libra-Leo couples easily build social circles together. So many of their teammates rallied around Harris and Krieger, especially for their wedding. In fact, teammate Megan Rapinoe was Harris’ maid of honor.

They Balance Each Other Out

Even though Harris and Krieger are astrologically similar, they can still keep each other grounded and won't get too indulgent. Leo likes that Libra lives in their head, and in turn, Libra lives for Leo's strong vision and even stronger execution skills. "Leo would be wise to take charge from Libra from time to time, relieving Libra from the decision fatigue that sometimes sets in," Gat writes.

Libra lives for harmony and reciprocity. So while any other sign might be annoyed at their partner for snapping them out of their daydreams, Libra gets it. Even though both signs have decadent tastes, they also understand that life's pleasures are best enjoyed in moderation.

Looking at Harris and Krieger's astrological compatibility, it's clear why these two have been inseparable since they met, and why they're a total winning match.

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