Ali Krieger & Ashlyn Harris Wanted A Big Wedding For This Beautiful Reason

by Candice Jalili
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On December 28, 2019 one of the most epic weddings in modern history took place and, in an Allure feature published on July 14, soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris talked about their legendary wedding. The wedding, which took place in Miami, was star-studded and massive. A video documenting the beautiful event was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 1, 2020 and, since then, has garnered over a million likes.

"Originally, we just wanted to have a private ceremony," Krieger told Allure. "We were like, ‘Let's save our money and worry about our future kids' education.' And it ended up being like, ‘Listen, let's share our love with the world. We can make this [wedding] an event for our community.' Sometimes I did feel like, ‘What are we doing?' But no, we're saving people's lives [with our visibility], and that's what matters most. We can put our privacy aside for a moment and just be like, ‘This is worth it.' "

Their friend and teammate Megan Rapinoe, who was a best woman at their wedding, also chimed in to explain how the couple has made a "huge impact" on the LGBTQ+ community. "Ali and Ashlyn live their life in celebration, the way that they want to," Rapinoe told Allure. "They refuse to have anybody tell them how they're going to live or what's going to make them happy or who they are or what they can be. They both have such a heart for people that are struggling."

"I think they have both struggled themselves, and do so much work around that," Rapinoe continued. "Growing up, we didn't have a lot of gay role models. They've made such a huge impact. It's been so cool just to see how much love they've gotten and how happy they are."

So, what's next for the couple? Kids are an option on the table. "We talk about having kids a lot. The unfortunate part is someone's going to have to give in their career," Harris told Allure. "Which is not fair. Because we both love our jobs and have waited our whole lives for these moments. Just taking a year off... where does that fit in? I can't even take a weekend off. We've talked about surrogates, we've talked about adoption, and it's just really tough because what — are we going to take the child everywhere? I mean, we've been home for seven days in the last three months." (Just a note: This interview was conducted before the pandemic! They're probably getting a lot more time at home these days.)

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But Krieger has hope. "We have a lot of moms [on the team]," she said. "When we're traveling, we carry the stroller and the [diaper] bag and then she's carrying the baby, or we're carrying the baby and she's getting all the stuff."

Here's to hoping they get everything they wanted in life and more. They most definitely deserve it!