Whoa, Noah Centineo & Alexis Ren Have Been Secretly Dating For A Long Time

by Candice Jalili
Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It may feel like they literally just started dating two seconds ago, but Alexis Ren's quotes about Noah Centineo give off major serious relationship vibes. Ren discussed her boyfriend of "seven or eight months" on Nov. 17 with Entertainment Tonight while on the red carpet for the third annual #REVOLVEawards, which she was hosting... And don't freak out or anything, but they're using the L-word, you guys.

When asked if they've dropped the L-bomb yet, a giddy Ren responded by saying, "Yeah, I love that man. He’s amazing." What's does Ren find to be so "amazing" about him, you ask? "Gosh, his spirit," she gushed. "He’s so vibrant and so passionate about everything he does — he puts 100% of himself into everything and his heart is gold."

If you were wondering how Centineo's acting chops didn't make her list of things she loves about him, that's because she actually hasn't seen either his biggest hits, Charlie's Angels or To All The Boys I Loved Before. When asked if she has any plans to see either flick any time soon, she didn't seem too enthused. "Maybe, possibly," she mused. "I don’t know. I’m really bad at keeping up with films."

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Luckily, her reluctance to see her boyfriend's movies isn't standing in the way of their love for each other. When asked if they're serious, Ren responded by saying, "I love that man with all my heart, so I just feel really grateful to be his partner." So, I'd probs take that as a yes.

The couple, who met through friends, is so serious that they even "have a few things lined up" for the holidays. (BRB, setting calendar reminders to check for their adorable couple-y holiday Instas.)

As for the love they've been receiving from fans since their relationship became public, Ren is thankful for the positive response. "I appreciate it," she said. "It’s all love so I can only appreciate the people that support us."

And Ren isn't the only one feeling seriously in love. Centineo gushed about Ren to Entertainment Tonight at the Nov. 15 premiere of Charlie's Angels. After he explained that his girlfriend was absent for the premiere because she was off "raising money and awareness for coral [reefs]," the reporter asked Centineo if Ren was "an angel" in his life. You guys, he had the cutest response ever: "Um, [she's] the angel in my life."

BRB, finding the Centineo to my Ren.