LOL, A-Rod Danced In J.Lo's Dress For The "Flip The Switch" TikTok Challenge

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have no shortage of fun together. The couple knows how to steal the show whether walking red carpets or posting adorable selfies on social media, and now Lopez and Rodriguez are taking TikTok by storm. Spend 30 seconds of your day watching this video of Alex Rodriguez wearing Jennifer Lopez's dress for a TikTok challenge because it's everything.

Rodriguez and Lopez are both parents to teenagers, so it's no surprise they've been mesmerized by the TikTok app. Over the past few months, Rodriguez has really gotten into perfecting TikTok dances alongside his daughter Natasha.

On Feb. 4, Rodriguez made his TikTok debut as he tried his hand at the "Renegade" challenge with his daughter. While the 15-year-old had no trouble nailing the dance, Rodriguez lost track of the beat and hilariously made up his own choreography, which was just as entertaining. Meanwhile, Lopez recently introduced her own TikTok account to the world, where she took fans behind the scenes of her epic Super Bowl halftime show performance rehearsals.

It was on March 8, though, that Lopez and Rodriguez combined their TikTok talents to take on the "Flip the Switch" challenge, and they did not disappoint. While all eyes were first on Lopez, who showed off her dance moves in a gorgeous white bandage dress, the real MVP of the video was Rodriguez, who had no problem rocking his fiancée's white dress for the challenge. Watch for yourself below.

I mean, A-Rod slayed in J.Lo's outfit, even down to the earrings and belt. "Late night Tiktoks," Rodriguez captioned his post, giving fans a little insight into what the two do on Sunday nights.

Lopez posted the same video, writing: "Wait for it...😂♥️."

Rodriguez might not have the flawless dance skills that Lopez does, but he has no problem trying out the latest challenges and he gives it his all, something no one can take away from him.