Aldi's December 2020 holiday finds include so many cheesy options.

Aldi Is Selling Cheeses & Pizzas In the CUTEST Holiday Shapes

Courtesy of Aldi

Start stocking your pantry (and fridge) with the tastes of the season, because Aldi’s December 2020 holiday finds include everything from seasonal cheeses to festive pizzas. With new items dropping throughout the month, you can get your hands on some of the coziest bites to round out the year. Check out all the holiday goodies popping up in December.

The grocery chain is bringing out all the stops for December 2020, and some of the cheesiest options are already on the shelves. A stand-out holiday offering is Aldi's Emporium Selection Festive cheddar varieties. For $3.99 each, you can choose from a Santa-shaped Cheddar Cheese with Port Wine, a snowman-shaped Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onion, or a star-shaped Mature Cheddar Cheese. Also available for $3.99, is its Gouda Cheese Holiday Trees, featuring 14 pre-cut tree-shaped bites per package. The festive cheeses became available in stores as of Dec. 2.

Aldi's Finds also includes cheesy pizzas and sparkling prosecco available as of Dec. 2. The two options from Mama Cozzi's Holiday Themed Pizzas are $3.99 each. The first is the Holiday Tree Pizza, which features spinach, cheddar cheese, red and yellow bell peppers, and a pesto cream sauce on top of a tree-shaped crust. The second choice is the Holiday Star Pizza, which features cheddar cheese, red and green bell peppers, and mozzarella pearls, on a star-shaped crust.

The Grandi Mori Prosecco is also available for $14.99 for a bubbly kick-off to the holiday season.

Courtesy of Aldi

Coming to Aldi on Wednesday, Dec. 9, is the Priano Christmas Gnocchi. The Italian classic gets a star-shaped makeover and will sell for $3.99 for a 1-pound bag.

You’ll also be able to pick up the Specially Selected Cheese Pairing Spread Set for $6.99 to pair with your Emporium cheddar. With four different spreads, you can create the ultimate cheese board with tastes like a Fig and Honey Spread, a Pear and Cinnamon Spread, a Cherry and Rosemary Spread, and an Apricot and Cumin Spread.

Holiday coffee options are also headed to Aldi. For $1.99 you can grab the ready-to-drink Barissimo Iced Lattes, which include the Caramel Latte and the Peppermint Mocha Latte.

Of course, the holidays would be nothing without the desserts, and Aldi is packing a punch with its Sunday Shoppe Snowflake Cones. The cool bites feature a raspberry and cream-flavored ice cream in a wafer cone lined with chocolate, raspberry sauce, and sugar sprinkles. The cones will sell in 4-pack for $3.49. If you're in the mood for pie, look for the Bake Shop Bourbon Pecan Pie, which will cost you $8.99.

Courtesy of Aldi

The cheese spread, lattes, ice cream cones, and pie will be available at Aldi stores nationwide on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

If you’re in the mood for tasty cheeses and festive bites shaped like holiday trees and stars, Aldi is your go-to stop for checking snacks off your list this December.

When you go to Aldi to pick up festive eats, you'll want to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Sept. 11, which recommends avoiding unnecessary store trips to limit your contact with others. When you're out, wear a face mask, practice social distancing where possible, and wash or sanitize your hands after leaving the store.

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support. You can find all Elite Daily's coverage of coronavirus here.