Airbnb & Pinterest Dropped The Top Travel Trends For Spring & Summer 2019, So Pack Your Bags

The world is finally saying goodbye to winter and chilly temperatures, and you have one thing on your mind: traveling. You're daydreaming about tropical islands, where the teal ocean melts into the horizon, and excursions like surfing, stargazing, and snorkeling. For some reason, though, you're struggling to put some trips in the books, and scrolling aimlessly on social media instead. Truth is, you're in desperate need of some #inspo that'll make you want to dash to the airport and catch the next flight. Look no further, because Airbnb and Pinterest's travel trends for spring and summer 2019 are officially here, and they're everything you need right now.

Before we get into the latest and greatest things to do and places to go this season, let's talk about what you need to prepare for. Within the next few months, you may dash through the trains stations of Europe with your bags and your best friends by your side. You might relax on beautiful beaches, and stay up until midnight gazing at the stars, too.

It's necessary that you plan a little bit to make the very most out of your days. Lay out your itinerary in a document that's shared with everyone you're traveling with, and grab tickets for tours and out-of-this-world experiences in advance. Get a portable charger, so that your camera or phone doesn't die while you're on-the-go, and create a mood board that inspires you to take pictures and make new memories.

If you're having trouble finding inspiration, then tap into Airbnb and Pinterest's travel trends for spring and summer 2019. Spoiler alert: They're everything you've been looking for.

What are Airbnb and Pinterest's travel trends for spring and summer 2019?

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According to a press release via Airbnb, that teamed up with Pinterest, there are seven kinds of trends that should be on your radar right now. First, travel that lets you reconnect with nature and get back to your roots is becoming very popular. Travelers want to medidate in the mountains and hike through the lush areas of South Korea. They also want their accommodations to be immersed in nature, too, and are choosing to stay in one-of-a-kind homes, like a colorful yurt in Boise, Idaho, or a cozy cabin.

On a similar note, travelers also want to take trips that are sustainable and eco-friendly. They want to "think green," and are searching for "sustainable travel" on Pinterest more than 56 percent worldwide. They want to stay in "rural communities," in addition to places that are "recovering from natural disasters," according to Airbnb's press release. They want to have authentic experiences that'll stick with them long after the trip is done.

The stars, the planets, and the universe are also on traveler's minds. They're searching on Pinterest for "space travel," and possibly looking to escape Mercury retrograde and get in touch with the galaxy. Thanks to Airbnb, this kind of travel is totally possible. According to the press release, there are almost 3,000 homes around the world that have telescopes and are ready to be rented. Not to mention, there are national parks and observatories waiting for you to show up and be excited about stargazing. (Sign me up!)

Next, travel that's built for thrill-seekers will be a popular trend in spring and summer 2019, as searches on Pinterest are up more than 693 percent for adventure-themed ideas. People want to go cave diving and learn how to surf in Honolulu, Hawaii. Can you blame them? Life is too short to not say "yes" to opportunities and excursions like these.

In addition, travelers are looking to hit those waves and then relax all afternoon on a tropical beach. Pinterest has noticed a worldwide increase in searches for “cold to warm travel outfits." Travelers are finding inspiration in palm trees, drinks served in coconuts, and suitcases that are filled with bathing suits rather than heavy, oversized sweaters. This trend may not be as surprising to you, given that you just ditched winter and the bulky items in your wardrobe. But, it's important to note when you need some travel #inspo, right?

Last but not least, puppy-friendly and affordable travel are trending this season, because travelers want to bring their dogs along for the good times, and still have some money left in their bank account. They're hoping to find destinations that give them a lot of bang for their buck, like Porto, Portugal, and accommodations that are wallet-friendly and Instagram-worthy like a private three-bedroom rental in Marrakesh, Morocco. Are you one of them? I thought so.

How did Airbnb and Pinterest come up with these results?

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Airbnb and Pinterest came up with these results by looking at their internal data and calculating growth for certain search terms or types of bookings. This information helped them determine the biggest travel trends going on right now, so that you know exactly what experiences, excursions, and accommodations to add to your bucket list.

They looked at searches on Pinterest in between January 2018 and January 2019, to find percentages and increases on terms like "budget travel" within the past year. Searches from January 2017 to September 2017, and the same time period from 2018, were also used and compared to see how green travel has increased worldwide, over a longer period of time.

On Airbnb, they collected the data for the bookings made between March 1, 2018, and March 1, 2019, to see how nature experiences like hiking and meditation increased in the past year. They also looked at bookings made, searches, and wish list additions for 2019, to determine what travelers are tossing into their itineraries or hoping to do within the next couple of months.

What other ways can you get #inspo to travel this spring and summer?

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In addition to these findings, you can keep looking through social media for photos, dreamy destinations, and thrilling excursions you want to take. Scroll through Pinterest and save a bunch of tropical pics of palm trees to a board, or follow influencers on Instagram like Jaci Marie Smith and Lauren Bullen, who are always posting their adventures and fresh #content.

Then, start actually doing some planning. Sometimes, the push you need to travel comes when you hit the "confirm" button or dig into the details of what you can do, where you can stay, and what memories you can make. Believe it or not, the #inspo that you've been looking for is just waiting for you to find it and say, "Let's go!"