Airbnb's New Animal Experiences Include Paddle Boarding With A Corgi

When you're planning a trip, you may spend hours on the web looking for discounted plane tickets, dreamy places to stay, and cool excursions. It can be exhausting, but you keep scrolling through your Pinterest boards and watching travel vlogs because you want to have a unique and memorable experience. Let me give you the latest scoop: Airbnb Animal Experiences are here and will let you explore the world in really rad ways.

These experiences provide you with the opportunity to hang with colorful macaws, beautiful butterflies, or adorable kittens. They may take you on an urban safari or adventurous hike, so you can have a conversation with a parrot in the middle of Brooklyn or bond with a rescue pup. (Oh, and if you've ever dreamed about riding on a paddle board with a corgi, Airbnb is making all your wishes come true.)

They're giving you access to one-of-a-kind excursions you likely can't find anywhere else. These animal-related experiences won't be like your usual walking tours or self-guided afternoons through museums and tourist attractions. You may leave your trip in complete and utter awe of our planet and its species.


Essentially, Airbnb Animal Experiences is an extension of the many Airbnb Experiences you can already sign up for. They're part of a new category in Airbnb's services dedicated to bringing people closer to animals in a caring, educating, and committed way. Some of these experiences include skateboarding with a cute and talented bulldog, hanging out with alpacas, and spending time with rescued horses.

You'll learn a whole lot by watching expert hosts work with honeybees or kayaking with conservationists to see African Penguins at Boulders Beach in Cape Town. If you ask me, that's the enriching part of any trip: learning about another culture or aspect of the world and immersing yourself in it wholeheartedly.


According to the press release via Airbnb, each experience you can participate in was created with World Animal Protection and must follow certain guidelines. This includes (but is not limited to): not overworking animals that are considered "working animals," not coming into direct contact with wild animals (Feeding, riding, and petting them are not allowed.), and not taking selfies with wild animals. This ensures that the animals' well-being is at the forefront of these tours and excursions, and you are able to enjoy their beauty in a safe, respectful, and responsible way.

In addition, the press release states more than 100 of the animal experiences you can book are "Social Impact Experiences." This means the earnings from these particular experiences will go to nonprofit organizations. So when you hit the "confirm and pay" button, you can be confident in knowing your cash is going to an amazing cause.


To add one of the experiences to your itinerary, simply go to the Airbnb website and scroll through the different animal encounters you can be part of. There's a picnic with a pig in San Francisco, a wine and cheese event with goats, a day of seeing wild macaws in Costa Rica, looking at arctic foxes in Iceland, and much more.

The total cost of the experience will totally depend on what you book. But each listing will have details on what's included, how long the excursion will last, and what you'll do during your time there. Once you've reviewed the info, choose the date (or dates) you'd like to participate, and follow along with the rest of the check-out steps.

Adventure and animals await. I can't wait to see how you'll put these experiences into your upcoming itineraries and make your next trip totally rad.