The Advice You Should Follow During The New Moon In Scorpio, According To Your Zodiac Sign

For Scorpio, every surface is just waiting to be broken into, or shattered. Even if the surface is the last line of defense preventing the apocalypse, Scorpio is too curious to resist. This fixed water sign can't help but take a daring look at what lies on the other side, and they'll go to great lengths to understand the darkest underbellies of life. After all, this zodiac sign is symbolized by the "death" tarot card. Now, I don't bring this up to make you think of impending doom. A Scorpio "death" is the most transcendent and rejuvenating death of all. It is the death of what no longer serves you, the death of your difficult past, and inevitably, this death becomes rebirth. Feeling overwhelmed, yet? Try not to worry, because I have some advice you should follow during the new moon in Scorpio 2018.

At this point of the lunar cycle, we are called to let go of all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we've been balancing on our plate. When this lunation takes place in Scorpio, it's your chance to really make a difference. I mean, death does entail something coming to an end. However, death is also a new beginning. Scared? I don't blame you. It is kind of scary, but it's also beautiful, and, in true Scorpio fashion, I can't wait to see what's behind the surface.


Take a look at your relationship with intimacy. Are you opening your heart to life? Are you allowing yourself to make meaningful connections? This new moon will majorly transform you, starting from deep within. Make sure you're not wasting your life doing something you're not passionate about. It may even be time to let go of something you once loved, but no longer can.


Think about your closest partnerships. Maybe you're married. Maybe you have a best friend. Perhaps it's a business partner. Are there differences you need to work on? Conflicts? Any deep-seated problems? Time to express your concerns and compromise. Remember that relationships are a balance between give and take. Make sure you're not giving or taking too much.


Are you using your time wisely? I know there are only 24 hours in a day but if you're wasting time, nothing gets done. Now's the time to revamp your daily routine and get in touch with your productivity. Have you been indulging in junk food? Falling behind on fitness? Get back on that health kick, because it's time to detox your mind and body.


What's life without romance, pleasure, art, and everything else that feels good? Time to create some magic of your own. You may not be a practicing artist but there's an artist inside of you that never dies. Get back in touch with that artist. Are you itching to paint? Write? Sing? Dance? Party? Now's the time to tap in to your creative source. It's been waiting for you.


Home is not necessarily a place. It's a state of mind, and if you've been longing for a sense of "home," then a change is in order. Home is where the heart lies. It's where you can feel emotionally secure and connected to your roots. Now's the chance to bring yourself back home. Reach out to family members or close loved ones. Rejuvenate with a home-cooked meal.


You've got a lot of things to say. The problem? Effectively expressing those things is never easy. Are you falling behind on emails? Are there conversations that need to be had? Is shyness preventing you from making intellectual connections? Time to use that voice of yours for something important. It's surprising how far communication will take you.


Look around you. Use your five senses to interact with the world you've created. Do you feel comfortable with your surroundings? Are you stable, secure, and well taken care of? Need more money? This is your chance to revamp your foundation in life. Set financial goals. Improve your living space. Buy yourself some new clothes. Whatever your heart needs.


Sometimes, when life feels stagnant, you've gotta make a big change to shake things up. Are you itching for a new look? Ready to reinvent yourself? Maybe you simply want to increase your confidence or make a promise to yourself. Your intuition knows what you need. Listen to your heart, and give yourself permission to become the person you're finally ready to become.


Before anything else can thrive, you must have a sound spiritual center. If you've been weighed down by negative energy, exhausted by depleting external forces, and craving a deeper connection with something higher than yourself, you need to do something about it. Reserve time for spiritual pursuits. Do some soul-searching. Remind yourself of the beauty that's beyond words.


Have you been stuck in an introverted place? Are you ready to get back out there? It's time to unleash your social butterfly. Attend interesting events and network. Gather your circle of friends together for an evening of connection. Are you feeling philanthropic lately? Now could be the time to involve yourself in community efforts and make our world a better place.


You've got big dreams, but you've gotta work hard in order to make them a reality. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and your success is what you make of it. Focus on what your long-term goals are. What achievements do you want to make? Do you want to see your name in lights? Start laying down the groundwork. Send ambitious energy into the universe. Take what you want.


Has life been boring you lately? Are you struggling to find a sense of purpose? What's the point of it all, right? If you're feeling sucked dry by our busy and superficial world, it's time to embark on a real adventure. Delve into fascinating subjects and expand your mind. Plan the trip of a lifetime. Talk to people who are nothing like you. Go somewhere new. Create new experiences.