5 Workouts From Adriana Lima You Need To Try When The Weather Gets Cold

by Georgina Berbari
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is basically like the Super Bowl of the fashion world, and I get pumped as hell to watch it every year. While I will never fully understand how the lovely VS angels prep for the big day, reading about their insane workout routines and healthy eating habits is still super intriguing. Like, you know if you had access to Adriana Lima's workout, you'd be headed to the gym to make some angelic #gains ASAP.

Personally, Lima is my favorite angel (everyone has one, right?), because she's super badass, she's exotic, and her kids are irresistibly adorable. On that note, the fact that she's a mom and still absolutely slaying the Victoria's Secret runway each year is inspirational AF.

On the real, though, working out like Lima is a great way to spice up a monotonous workout routine, especially when the temperatures drop and all motivation to hit the gym disappears in an instant.

Honestly, I thought that Lima's workout routine was going to be a lot more difficult than she claims it is, but this model's go-to moves are surprisingly pretty freaking simple, and super easy to incorporate into your own routine whether you're at the gym, in your room, or even on the move.

So, when it starts to get chilly out and all you want to do is turn yourself into a blanket burrito and hibernate for seven years, try these five workouts from Adriana Lima to get your ass out of bed and totally immersed in a quality sweat sesh.

Jump Rope

According to INSIDER, Adriana Lima works out every single day, never missing a single sweat sesh. Just reading that literally blows my mind because, like, who has the time?

But one of Lima's secrets to staying in shape is carrying a jump rope with her wherever she goes. Along with giving you a killer workout, jumping rope on the reg improves both coordination and cognitive function, on top of getting your heart rate up and your sweat glands working overtime.


Boxing is another form of fitness that Lima swears by to keep her feeling good before a big runway show. In fact, taking the time to sweat it out with a few punches apparently takes up the majority of Lima's whole workout routine, and she's strong AF because of it.

A killer boxing sesh works your shoulders, arms, and core, and it can also make you more flexible and agile in your movements in and out of the gym.

TBH, I can actually see myself emerging from my warm and cozy room to hit up a boxing class a couple of times a week, even in the dead of winter. Trust me, that's saying a lot.

Lifting Weights

Most days, Lima's all about that cardio life, but in the name of #balance, weight training has to sneak its way into the equation somewhere. According to W Magazine, the supermodel loves hitting up Dogpound (a high-end NYC gym) to train her legs, core, and glutes.

Though cardio is a great stress-reliever and an incredible way to stay in shape, the benefits of strength training are undeniable. From building muscle, to feeling happier, to strengthening your bones in addition to your muscles, grabbing those dumbbells is definitely one of the keys to sweating like an angel.

Plus, if you invest in some free weights to keep at home, you won't even have to make the chilly journey to the gym. #Winning.

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Lima de-stresses from all of the fashion world pandemonium by going for leisurely runs outside.

Alright, honestly, I'm never going to attempt this one in the dead of winter, but, hey, that's what the treadmill was invented for! Whether you're casually catching up on your favorite TV show with some low-intensity, steady-state cardio, or you're profusely perspiring with some HIIT intervals, running is a killer way to get your heart rate up and smash in a great workout.

So, if Lima runs on the reg, and I start running too, that basically make me a Victoria's Secret model, right?

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If you've ever been to a bootcamp-style workout class, you know that the word "intense" hardly even begins to describe how challenging it is. But our girl Lima is all about working for it when it comes to fitness.

The runway model told INSIDER that the way she gauges if she had a productive workout or not is the amount of sweat that's left behind on her T-shirt after the fact. Basically, if she's drenched AF, that's when she calls it a day.

Barry's Bootcamp is one of her favorites, and I don't blame her. Even though I low-key wanted to die when I went to one of their classes myself, it was still one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had to date.

Bottom line: The next time the snowy forecast is making you cringe and squashing all of your motivation, a bootcamp class or a little bit of jump rope might add the variety you need to an otherwise dull workout routine. Angel's orders, y'all.