Adriana Lima Wants To Try Pole Dancing Before VS Show To Amp Up The Sexiness

by Stephanie Ironson

The amount of sexiness that oozes out of television screens across the planet during the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is enough to keep everyone satisfied for a full 365 days.

This year's show airs on December 5 and will take place in Paris on November 30.

As we mortals can only attempt to understand, the amount of time, dedication and motivation that goes into preparing for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a full-time job for a model.

Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with VS Angel Adriana Lima to talk about her favorite workouts, pre-show rituals and motivation.

Lima began walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 1999 and this will be her 16th time down the catwalk.

Although she is the literal personification of the word "sexy," Adriana revealed she wants to spice up her pre-VS show ritual this year with something a little different. She said,

Don't laugh, but I want to add something new [this year], I really want to take a pole dance class to get the sexiness in there. I really want to try that just to see if there are more sexy feelings in there. 

While you may be rolling your eyes wishing you had an ounce of the sex appeal Adriana carries in her pinky fingernail, you've got to respect her dedication to the art of modeling.

In addition to being an unwaveringly passionate model, 35-year-old Lima is also a mother of two daughters.

When asked what she wants to teach her daughters about body positivity and living healthy lifestyles, Adriana responded,

One thing about being at the gym and working out is it's more than building up a good physique. I give a lot of credit to a person who really focuses on working out because it shows a lot of your personality, that you are a disciplined person and you have goals in your life and you are strong because you don't let your mind control you… you are not a lazy person, you are a fighter. So I want to teach my girls discipline and for them to know that even though they are girls, that physically and mentally they are strong... My family comes with a long line of strong women and that starts with my grandmother and she's amazing... She's 96 and she has legs like she's been working out her whole life.

There is no doubt Adriana Lima has worked to instill the strength and determination she has herself in her daughters. Lima told Elite Daily she's found a lot of her own strength through exercising.

Like fellow model Gigi Hadid, Lima explained why boxing is her workout of choice, saying,

Boxing is my passion because boxing taught me how to challenge myself... It taught me self-confidence and I learned I can be so strong as a woman. That's very empowering to me.

Her messages of strength, empowerment, dedication, determination and artistic appetite are what have kept Adriana Lima as a world-renowned model for over two decades.

Make sure to tune in for the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at 10 pm on December 5 on CBS.