Addison Rae Easterling's zodiac sign is Libra

Addison Rae's Zodiac Sign Reveals What She's Like In Relationships

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If you're on TikTok, then you're likely familiar with Hype House member Addison Rae Easterling. Despite only downloading the app in July 2019, she's already racked up well over 35 million followers and nearly two billion likes, and you don't have to understand TikTok to know that's impressive AF. Her popularity only grew after she started dating Sway House's Bryce Hall, and TBH, I'm still not over their rumored January 2020 breakup. The social media queen is seemingly single at the moment, but based on Addison Rae Easterling's zodiac sign, I imagine it's only a matter of time before she's coupled up again.

Easterling's birthday falls on Oct. 6, which makes her a romantic, relationship-loving Libra. Those born under this air sign have a reputation for being cautious, considerate, and charming AF, but more than anything, Libras notoriously dislike being alone. They can't help it — they're social individuals, and life just tends to make more sense for them when they have a companion (and, ideally, a romantic one). It's not just about ~being in luv~ either. When you overthink everything, a partner can provide some much-needed guidance, and as lovers of balance and order, Libras welcome all the guidance they can get.

Libras are largely the diplomatic people they are because they genuinely believe in justice and fairness. However, they do have a bit of an ulterior motive: They really, really want to be well-liked. During an April 2020 interview with Forbes, Easterling spoke about all she does to engage with her followers. "I follow my support pages, and I like all of their photos," she said. "On Instagram, I go to my tagged photos, and I like and comment back as many as I can." Why does she do it? According to her, "That's the best way to communicate with my community and get to know and support the people that back me up." Classic Libra, am I right?

From her TikToks, it's clear that collaboration is a big part of Easterling's success. She loves filming videos with her friends and family, and while she does do solo vids, she — like most Libras — is all about teamwork. Another essential component of her success: positivity. When asked by Forbes what advice she would give fellow content creators, Easterling said, "Always push positivity and love and spread that as much as you can, and you'll always receive that back." Aww.

Fact: Libras love to be loved, and they love to be in love. "Codependent" always seems to have a negative connotation, and IMO, it shouldn't. Sure, Libras can find plenty of satisfaction in themselves (they are little rays of sunshine, after all!), but they simply tend to be happiest when they have company. Easterling is a people-person, y'all. And that's why she loves TikTok so much: It gives her an opportunity to connect with people everywhere, and it provides a space where everyone can participate.

"TikTok has become a place where everyone feels welcome," she told Spanish Vogue during an April 2020 interview. "What I like most about TikTok is that it gives me, and everyone else, the opportunity to be seen by people from different parts of the world and the opportunity to share what we are passionate about." Libras are deeply empathetic individuals, and while Bryce Hall likely knows better than I do, it seems to me that Easterling is the type of person who always puts her partner first. Keeping spreading love, Addison Rae. You've definitely got a fan in me.

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