Addison Rae and Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall Keeps Hinting He's Dating Addison Rae Again & I Need Answers

Courtesy of Alex Warren on YouTube

The TikTok world is very addictive, partly because of all the drama that goes down among its biggest stars. One minute, two popular TikTokers will be BFFs, just to start feuding the next minute. The same goes for romance. Couples like Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson keep fans on their toes with their ever-changing relationship status. But, at the moment, the real question is if Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall are dating again, so it's time to take a look at the details.

Easterling and Hall are two of the biggest TikTokers out there right now. Easterling has over 33 million fans on the app, while Hall is already at 5 million, so of course the coupley videos and photos they posted throughout January 2020 had fans shipping them as more than friends.

But as dating rumors took off surrounding the pair, Hall and Easterling took to Twitter on Jan. 30 to set the record straight about where they stand.

Hall got straight to the point, writing, "Addison and i are NOT dating!!!" Easterling added: "Y’all theres no problems between me and Bryce, we’re gonna stay friends and this was all mutual. please respect our choices. all love."

Easterling later spoke to Entertainment Tonight in February 2020 and said she and Hall are "just friends." She further explained that they "were talking, on and off" but "decided" they are "better off as friends for right now."

However, come April, Hall and his Sway LA housemates' social media posts have fans convinced the pair are definitely giving things a go as a couple.

It all started on April 7, when Kyle Richards and Kio Cyr held up a photo of Hall and Easterling at the 20-second mark in the video below for no apparent reason at all.

Then on April 7, Bryce cryptically tweeted "i miss u," which we'll come back to later.

Easterling then turned heads on April 11 when she commented "cutie" on a photo of fellow TikToker Troy Zarba.

That same day, while Easterling was leaving flirty comments on Zarba's page, Nick Bean posted a YouTube video where he put pics of Easterling all over Hall's room. Hall took the joke like a champ, but referred to Easterling as an "ex-girlfriend" during the video.

Hall's friends later teased him about his cryptic "I miss u" tweet and Easterling's comments on Zarba's Instagram in an April 14 YouTube video, seemingly hinting there was more going on between Hall and Easterling behind the scenes. Hear what they had to say at the 6:30 mark below.

Later on April 14, Hall appeared in Josh Richards' Instagram Live and randomly blurted out that he's "going to get back with Addison" in the background. Check it out below.

Easterling hasn't yet commented on what her current status with Hall is, but clearly there are a lot of people rooting for them to be more than just friends.