This 12-Foot-Wide Bed Is Literally What Dreams Are Made Of & We're Trying To Snuggle In It

by Caroline Burke

Let's play a game: Imagine the single biggest change to your life you could make in an instant. It might be a new car, or a new pet, but regardless of what it is, you're probably making a mistake, because you could have decided to buy a 12-foot-wide mattress that will answer all of your prayers and turn every night into a magical experience. Ace Collection's "family size" mattress is literal heaven on earth, and it's basically redefining the very meaning of the phrase "beauty sleep."

The king-size mattress used to be, well, the king of the mattress world. But at 12 feet wide, this new "family size" mattress is almost double the width of a typical king mattress, and honestly, I feel sleepy just looking at the damn thing.

Of course, the size of this bed automatically implies that it's not just you, nor is it even just you and a partner, sleeping in the bed (unless your partner has a seven-foot wingspan and tends to move around a lot when he sleeps, but that raises an entirely new set of questions). You would assume that even a king-size mattress has more than enough space to allow you to sleep comfortably — even if you're not sleeping alone — which inevitably begs the question:

Who on earth did Ace Collection design a 12-foot-wide monster mattress for?

Ace Collection

The answer is a little bit controversial. According to PopSugar, Ace Collection began plans to create a family-size mattress after a customer reached out and requested the creation of a bed big enough to fit all of her children at the same time. Ace Collection kindly obliged, and thus began the manifestation of a mattress that would forever change the way we view Sunday Netflix marathons.

The practice of co-sleeping (the term used to describe parents sleeping with their children and infants) has been pretty contentious in the past. The major problems people associate with it is the higher level of danger for infants, and the moral questions surrounding parent-child relationships and intimacy boundaries once the child is older. Some have argued that true co-sleeping (in this instance, the act of sleeping in the same room, rather than bed, as your child) isn't actually the problem, but the more specific act of bed-sharing is what creates this risk.

Either way, one thing is for sure: The bigger the mattress, the more space there is for everyone, which could potentially solve some of those questions around risk.

Ace Collection

Ace Collection's "family size" mattress isn't just a great foil for us to talk about the practical and moral ethics of co-sleeping and bed-sharing. In addition to being the type of home addition that will completely revolutionize the way you relax at night, it's also a brilliant, money-making machine for Ace Collection.

The mattress itself costs $2,750 alone, and comes in soft, medium, and firm styles. But that doesn't include the custom bedding and headboard you would have to order to go along with this mega-bed kingdom, which means that this mattress purchase is basically an investment akin to a semester of college.

By the time you purchase the mattress, sheets, and duvet cover, you're spending well over $4,000 for this level of luxury.

Ace Collection

Considering the fact that this mattress is probably larger than most apartments in New York City, you might want to be sure that you even have the space to fit it, let alone the money. Seriously, can anyone imagine the look on a mover's face when he has to carry this thing up a five-story walk-up?

I have a feeling that this mattress will start to find very specific homes in niche communities like sorority houses, families of six or more, and potentially a few Instagram feeds. I can already picture the photoshoot Gigi, Bella, and Kendall are going to do on this thing.