'A Star Is Born' Is Heading Back Into Theaters With Something Extra From Lady Gaga

by Ani Bundel
Warner Brothers

The Oscars snubbed A Star is Born, awarding the film only one out of eight nominations at the 91st Academy Awards. However, this just made fans more passionate about the movie, pointing out how stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper stole the show with their performance of "Shallow." The music was the place where the movie shone so brightly the voters couldn't ignore it, "Shallow" won Gaga the movie's only Oscar for Best Original Song. Now A Star Is Born is heading back into theaters having added in more of the strongest part of the film: 12 additional minutes, most of which are Gaga's performances of the movie's original soundtrack.

Since the 1954 remake that first added a musical component into A Star Is Born, each film has had a musical soundtrack encapsulating the era. The 1954 version, which starred Judy Garland, had songs written by Ira Gershwin. Gershwin's music so captured the Americana musical era of those post-war years, the album has never been out of print, and is housed at the Library of Congress.

Likewise, the 1970s version starring Barbra Streisand was a snapshot of the rock vs. folk era in American music. It was a summary of what was happening in the music business outside the R&B Motown world and the British Invasion most associated with the era.

This latest version of A Star is Born does the same, though it's more of the idea of what is "authentic" in music. Is it to be a rough and tumble country style rock artist? Or is it to follow Lady Gaga.'s original career path to over-the-top pop star? Once again, the music encapsulates that divide. Now, according to Deadline, there will be more of it, including a song cut from the film entirely.

The special edition of the film contains extended performances of such songs as opener “Black Eyes”; “Alibi”; and Lady Gaga’s Ally in her impromptu a cappella performance of “Shallow,” which won the Oscar for Best Original Song last Sunday. There is also fresh footage of Ally singing to Jack “Is That Alright?” in the wedding sequence; Jack in his studio singing “Too Far Gone”; Jack and Ally writing a new song together, entitled “Clover”.

A Star is Born is not the only Oscar winner repopulating theaters with new showings. Bohemian Rhapsody has been doing "sing-along" showings since the Oscar nominations were announced. Additionally, Best Animated Film winner Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse will add screens, as will Best Actress upset Olivia Colman in The Favourite. Naturally, Green Book will also re-expanding its screen count to take advantage of the free publicity, and perhaps be able to end the film's run as less of a box office flop for its original opening.

A Star Is Born, however, is the only one adding new bonus footage for those looking to see it a second, third, or fourth time. Fans will most likely flock to the theaters to see more Gaga and Cooper, and check out the brand new song "Clover."