'A Quiet Place 2' Will Reveal How The Aliens Took Over Earth In The First Place

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The sequel to John Krasinski's 2018 horror movie A Quiet Place has been in the works for quite some time now, but fans are still pretty much entirely in the dark as to what this new follow-up movie could be about. Well, now one of the film's newly added stars is spilling some details on what we can expect from the sequel. Apparently, A Quiet Place 2 will reveal how the aliens took over earth in the first place, cast member Brian Tyree Henry said in a recent interview with IndieWire, so fans of the first movie will finally get the answer to its biggest mystery.

The alien invasion that drives all of the suspense in A Quiet Place is notably never fully explained in that movie. The horror movie picks up after sightless creatures with hyper-sensitive hearing have already invaded the planet and picked off nearly all of humanity, without ever providing audiences with a reason why or how these alien creatures got to earth. But apparently, that central question will be answered in the sequel. Atlanta breakout Brian Tyree Henry was recently announced as a new cast member to A Quiet Place 2, and he let it slip that the new movie will explore the origin story of the mysterious aliens:

I think that we’re also going to get a few answers to the origin of where and how this whole thing happened. I think that people want to know that. But I think you’re just going to see another side of it … more of humanity that survived this thing in this next story.
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The other little clue that Brian Tyree Henry dropped is that more people than just the Abbott family managed to survive all these years with the aliens. He said that a big part of the new movie is the central family finding out they are not the only humans left, which explains Henry's casting as well as Cillian Murphy, who is also joining the cast for the sequel. Both Henry and Murphy's roles have not yet been revealed, but it sounds like they will be other survivors that meet up with the Abbott family.

John Krasinski, who is back to write and direct the new movie, has teased that the sequel will shift focus to new characters outside of the Abbott family, which seems to fit with Brian Tyree Henry's statement. We already know that Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe are reprising their characters as Evelyn, Regan, and Marcus Abbott, but it seems like Krasinski will just be behind the camera for this film since his character of Lee Abbott was killed towards the end of A Quiet Place.

The pivotal detail from the end of the first movie is Regan discovering that her hearing aid will stun and harm the creatures at a certain frequency. With that discovery, the Abbotts will be able to explore the world much more freely rather than stay cooped up in their farm. A Quiet Place 2 will premiere on March 20, 2020.