A New 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Clip Teases A Rat Infestation In Hawkins


Stranger Things fans are hungry for any tiny morsel of detail about the show's mysterious third season, and according to the Netflix series' Twitter account, it is almost feeding time. The show's account shared a very brief clip from the new season, and it definitely seems to be promising that the full Season 3 trailer is about to drop any minute now. But before we get the trailer, this new Stranger Things Season 3 clip teases an ominous pest problem in the upcoming season.

As usual, the Stranger Things crew has remained tight-lipped about what Season 3 has in store for everyone in Hawkins, so any new glimpse into the season is very welcome. The recently posted video shows a swarm of rats scurrying into an ominous warehouse. The clip definitely seems to suggest that rats will play some important role in Season 3, but it is not clear what that could be, so the short video is definitely throwing fans for a loop right now. What does seem clear, though, is that this tweet is promising the release of the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer very soon, which should explain what is going on with all these rats as well as giving us our best look yet at the mysterious new season.

Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy offered up an even more promising message when he tweeted out the video, writing the words "very very soon." Although he did not specify what this "very very soon" was in reference too, it is fair to assume he is saying the full Season 3 trailer is about to drop any minute now.

Netflix also got in on the fun by tweeting out three rat emojis.

It is anyone's guess how much rats will play into Stranger Things Season 3, but the real excitement about this new clip is the promise of the full Season 3 trailer being released very soon.

So far, Netflix has only released a couple of teaser trailers to give us a feel for what Season 3 has in store without actually dropping an official, full trailer for the season yet. Last summer, we got our first taste of Season 3 with an '80s commercial for the newly established Starcourt Mall, which will be a primary setting for the summer-set new season. It also contains the ice cream parlor where Steve Harrington will work alongside new character Robin.

Then the show released a video confirming all the titles for the eight episodes in Season 3. Interestingly enough, rats do make an appearance. The second episode of the season is entitled "The Mall Rats."

And most recently, Netflix announced Stranger Things Season 3's July 4 premiere date with a cryptic video full of little clues about where the story might go.

That announcement video also came along with an appropriately patriotic poster for the release date.

So... yeah, we have gotten a lot of little teases about Season 3 , but fans are still waiting on an actual trailer. Thankfully, it sounds like that wait is about to be over.