Netflix announced a 'Love Is Blind' reunion special to follow up the show.

A 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Is Officially Happening, Because Fans Need Answers


Attention: Love Is Blind fans, the big season finale is not going to be the end of this wild reality show. Ahead of the wedding-centric Episode 10 everyone has been waiting for, Netflix revealed a Love Is Blind reunion special will air a week after the finale episode to give fans the update on where everyone is at after the show. But don't expect to find the special on Netflix, because the Love Is Blind reunion is coming to YouTube. So, prepare for the ultimate dish sesh on what really went on in those pods, who is still together, and if Jessica's dog is OK after drinking that wine.

Netflix announced the Love Is Blind reunion special on Wednesday, Feb. 26, the day before the show's season finale airs on the streaming service. The reunion will bring back hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who will ask the contestants all of the questions fans have been dying to know — most importantly: Which couples are still together and which ones called it quits for good after the finale episode filmed?

This is a pretty major question, since the show was actually filmed quite a while ago. The reunion special will air on Thursday, March 5, on Netflix's YouTube channel, which will be about a year and a half since the couples first met and potentially got married. The show started filming all the way back in October of 2018, with the weddings in the finale occurring shortly afterward, on Nov. 15, 2018. So, if any of the couples really did say "I do" and stayed together, it will have been for a pretty solid amount of time by now.


Along with the big question of who's still together and who's not, it will also be very interesting to hear the contestants open up about the dating process on the show. After all, not many people have the experience of talking to potential matches through a wall, and then proposing to someone they've never seen. On top of that, since the show was filmed so long ago, all the contestants had to keep quiet about their love lives for over a year. That is pretty wild to think about, so you can imagine how much these people need to get off their chest at this reunion.

You can tune into the Love Is Blind reunion special on Netflix's YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5.