A James Charles Makeup Line Is Reportedly On The Way

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It sure looks as if a makeup collection from James Charles might actually be on the way, according to new trademarks filed. On March 26, 2020, his team filed a trademark for "James Charles" and "James Charles Artistry," both of which would include "non-medicated skin, eye, nail and hair care preparations; cosmetic preparations; cosmetics and makeup; fragrances and perfumery; decorative transfers and skin jewels for cosmetic purposes; decorative transfers and nail jewels for cosmetic purposes." Earlier, on Feb. 27, 2020, his team also filed a trademark for "James Charles Fragrance," which covered fragrances and perfumery.

Sadly, just because trademarks have been filed, doesn't mean a James Charles makeup line is coming tomorrow; it might be a while before we all scramble to get our hands on whatever products he has. Buuuuuut the wheels appear to be turning in his ahead. "WHEWWWW the plans I have for my makeup line are truly... something else," the YouTuber tweeted on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

This glimmer of hope comes after Charles told Women's Wear Daily in February 2020 he wasn't releasing a makeup line right away because he wanted to be innovative. "Let’s be real: it’s very saturated right now and the last thing I want to do is slap my name on a highlighter or liquid lipstick and call it a day,” he said. “I’ve talked for a while about not wanting to do a beauty line, but after releasing my [Morphe] palette, I changed my mind because I fell in love with the product development process. My biggest focus in creating my line is innovation and creating products that the beauty market hasn’t seen yet.”

Toward the end of 2018, Charles collaborated with Morphe on the widely-loved Morphe x James Charles Palette ($39, Morphe). The extra-large eyeshadow palette was a whopping 39 shades of bright, vivid shades in every color of the rainbow. The palette sold out several times, and Morphe and Charles were even prompted to re-release the palette in a mini version as well.

Let's hope the "plans" Charles mentioned include releasing this makeup line really freaking soon.

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