Santa Came Early This Year, 'A Christmas Prince 3' Is Officially Happening


First comes love, then comes marriage, then there's a prince with a royal baby carriage. A Christmas Prince 3 is officially happening on Netflix, so get ready for another royal holiday season. Following once again in the steps of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Richard and Amber are tackling another of life's biggest milestones in the upcoming movie. No surprise, but after the pair tied the knot in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, A Christmas Prince 3 will have a royal baby. When's the first playdate with Baby Sussex?

After 2017's A Christmas Prince detailed how journalist Amber fell in love with Aldovia's elusive Prince Richard, the 2018 sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding followed the couple's path to the altar coinciding with a national crisis. On March 11, Netflix confirmed a rumored third film on Twitter, posting a message with the headline "Baby Makes 3." Underneath the header is a sonogram photo of a crown-wearing baby, so what else could the new movie be called other than A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby?

Promising a Netflix premiere this holiday season, the tweet also mirrors those posts you see on your social media feeds when someone from high school announces an engagement or pregnancy. The announcement's caption teasingly reads, "Some personal news..." Unlike those often oversharing pics from kids I sat next to in class, this Christmas Prince post is a life update I definitely don't mind.

The announcement comes after speculation about the movie spiked due to reports in Romanian publications regarding a castle featured in the previous two movies. Romania-Insider.com wrote that the Peleș Castle in the country's Sinaia region was recently decorated for Christmas, prompting the claim that a new Christmas Prince production was filming there on March 11 and 12. Richard and Amber may be right behind Meghan and Harry when it comes to life events, but IRL, Christmas Prince producers reportedly received permission from Romania's royal family to film at the castle. Fingers crossed that some Romanian royalty sneak into the movie for surprise cameos.

In A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Ben Lamb and Rose McIver are slated to reprise their roles as Prince Richard and Amber. McIver even joked about Amber's pregnancy in an Instagram post, writing, "This is really going to hurt." Well, can she reach out to Duchess Meghan for tips?

Theo Devaney, who plays Richard's cousin Simon, also shared Netflix's announcement on his Instagram account, seemingly confirming his involvement in the new story. Although the role of Amber's father was recast for the second movie, we'll have to wait and see if the rest of the original cast returns to welcome the family's new addition.

As if growing a baby wasn't enough, it also wouldn't feel like a Christmas Prince movie if Amber didn't come across a royal emergency. The franchise has already tackled the line of succession and national finances, but I'm sure another mystery solved just in time for Christmas — and a baby! — is inevitable.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby debuts on Netflix later this year.