A Bachelorette Party In New Orleans Convinced Me It's The Hottest Spot To Celebrate

by Ciara Johnson

Most people dream of their wedding day, but I've always been excited about the idea of being a bridesmaid. Sure, I can't wait to be a bride and marry the man of my dreams, but at the same time, I've always wanted to stand alongside my best friend as she does the same. Bridesmaid activities are a great way to bond before the bride embraces a new chapter of her life with her forever person. I was recently a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding, and my favorite memory was the bachelorette party. After going to a bachelorette party in New Orleans, I'm convinced that it's the number one spot to celebrate. (After reading this article, you'll be convinced, too.)

When you've spent years building a friendship with someone, it's an absolute honor to be a major part of their special day. As a bridesmaid, you get the opportunity to stand by your friend's side during the best moments leading up the wedding day. The bachelorette party is an essential part of pre-wedding festivities. You get a chance to whisk the bride away from any wedding planning stresses, and celebrate her. What could be better than that?

Many bachelorette parties are held in incredible travel destinations that allow the bridesmaids to explore a new place. New Orleans is a hotspot for bachelorette parties, and now I totally see why.

The Historic Homes To Stay In Are So Charming
Hey Ciara

Instead of staying in a standard hotel, we rented a historic New Orleans home on Airbnb. We were able to cook, eat, and drink with plenty of space. This allowed us the special opportunity to bond in a shared space. There's nothing like reliving those sleepover days with adult beverages this time around, am I right? It helps that New Orleans is full of charming homes that date all the way back to the 1800s. The home was absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't think of a better place for us to base ourselves in the city.

We Ate The Most Delicious Food
Hey Ciara

If you've heard anything about New Orleans, then you definitely know about all of the amazing food you'll eat there. From sweet Beignets to savory gumbo, we had endless opportunities to truly indulge in the cuisine of the area. We ate powdery doughnuts at the iconic Cafe Du Monde and sipped on famous "hand grenade" cocktails at Tropical Isle. We wandered down the French Quarter eating all of the delicious Cajun food that our hearts desired, and it felt like I was in foodie heaven.

We Danced Until Dawn
Hey Ciara

New Orleans is known as a hot nightlife destination, thanks to the iconic Bourbon Street. Of course, it was a given that we'd do some bar hopping on this infamous street. The bride-to-be and bridesmaids were tasked with completing a scavenger hunt of hilarious things to do like, "dance on the table" and "take a selfie with a stranger." We also visited Frenchmen Street, where we danced and laughed the night away. Let's just say, we made valuable memories we'll never forget.

We Bonded On Bike Rides
Hey Ciara

New Orleans is such a vibrant city, and it was a unique experience to explore it by bike. We arranged a bike tour with FreeWheelin' Bike Tours, which allowed us to see the city in a whole new light. We were able to appreciate the historic architecture and lively culture of New Orleans while crusing through various neighborhoods. It was such a great way to explore and bond as a group.