'You' Season 2 includes easter eggs that will make you want to rewatch.

These Tiny 'You' Season 2 Details Will Make You Want To Rewatch ASAP

by Dylan Kickham

The new season of You is absolutely packed with shocking reveals, unexpected twists, and weirdly named new characters, but some of the most interesting details in Season 2 were so tiny, you might have totally missed them. The show snuck in a ton of amazing little set pieces and turns of phrase that connected back to Season 1 or foreshadowed those massive finale twists. Trust me — you'll want to look out for these You Season 2 easter eggs when you rewatch the episodes.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout You Season 2. It takes a truly eagle-eyed viewer to catch all the small details that are hiding in the second season of You, but thankfully the YouTube channel "Flicks And The City," several viewers on social media, and the Reddit fandom all picked up on numerous really eyebrow-raising easter eggs. From the true significance of Forty's catchphrase to an unexpected callback to Benji, Season 2 had a ton of background details that subtly teased both the past and future of the story. And yes, there was even a little Gossip Girl moment in there that only the fans who knew Penn Badgley from his Lonely Boy days would have caught.

Check out some of the most mind-blowing You Season 2 easter eggs for yourself below:

1. Forty figured out Peach was murdered.


Peach Salinger's death may have been ruled a suicide, but a closer look at the whiteboard Forty was working on during Season 2's LSD episode reveals he had figured out the truth... well, the partial truth. Forty deduced Dr. Nicky killed Peach rather than Joe, but that is still a lot further than the police and private investigators got.

2. Joe is haunted by peaches.

Speaking of Peach's murder, Joe also can't stop thinking about it. When he first met Love, they sparked up a conversation while she was holding a peach. Then, his coworker Calvin told Joe he was ranting about how the peaches were mad at him during his LSD trip.

3. Candace's death is teased in the first episode.

In the first episode of the new season, Joe monologues about his new home in Los Angeles as he walks past an actress pretending to be dead while shooting on a set. The actress had red hair, a leather jacket, and heart-shaped sunglasses, all of which are part of Candace's signature look, so the moment can definitely be seen as foreshadowing Candace's death in the final episode.

4. Officer Fincher's name is a major clue about the twist.

Movie buffs probably raised an eyebrow after finding out Delilah's police officer friend was named David Fincher, the same name as the acclaimed Gone Girl director. It turned out, that name actually foreshadowed the big twist of the season, because similarly to Gone Girl, Season 2 ended with Love revealing herself to actually be behind many of the shocking events.

5. Beck's book title also revealed the twist.

In the same vein, after finishing Season 2, it's clear the book title The Dark Face of Love was meant to be a wink to viewers that Love was not as sweet and innocent as she seemed.

6. Joe and Will are staying in touch.


As pointed out by a fan on Reddit, Joe received a note from his former captive Will that many viewers might have missed in the finale episode. The scene focuses more heavily on Joe's note from Ellie, but before that, viewers could quickly see Will is still trying to keep in contact with his buddy Joe... although it seems like Joe has not been good about responding.

7. Joe signed a text like Gossip Girl.

When Joe took Delilah's phone to respond to Ellie's texts, he he wrote "XO" in his message. Of course, Gossip Girl fans will recognize this as Penn Badgely's breakout character's signature sign-off when Dan Humphrey was writing as Gossip Girl.

8. Benji's app LoveHooks makes an appearance.

When Joe first researched Beck's boyfriend Benji in Season 1, he discovered Benji co-created an app called LoveHooks that paired people based on their taste in music. The app came up again when Ellie sent Joe a list of dating apps to try after he and Love broke up — LoveHooks was one of the listed apps.

9. Forty's catchphrase foreshadowed his death.

You is packed with literary references, and one of the most prominent in Season 2 was Forty's connection to Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby. Much of his character is similar to Gatsby, and that is punctuated by Forty constantly referring to Joe as "old sport," a phrase Gatsby used frequently in the novel. In the end, like Gatsby, Forty was killed by being shot in the back.

Catch all of these little details, and keep an eye out for even more, in You Season 2, on Netflix now.