9 Ways To Turn Your Night Around If You've Been Stood Up

by Ginny Hogan
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On most first dates, I spend over an hour getting ready. I know I'm not the only one who does this. In fact, sometimes I bring over my whole friend group to help me get ready, but only for very lucky dates. I don't consider it a waste of time — it helps me prepare mentally for the night ahead, and I like to feel like I'm treating myself. But sometimes, my date doesn't show up. Being stood up is horrible, and if it's ever happened to you, know that there are ways to turn your night around if you've been stood up. It might not sound like you can have a good time after being stood up, but it's your night, and you get to do whatever you want with it!

If you've just been stood up, it's very normal to want to wallow. And it's totally fine to do that — it's no one's choice but your own. On the other hand, though, you look beautiful and you're all amped up to go out (and maybe you pregamed a bit with your pals beforehand — I certainly have on many occasions). So if you want to get out and paint the town (or your bedroom), I have some suggestions for you.

Read on to find nine ways to turn your night around after you've been stood up.

Call Your Friends

Your friends are probably going to ask about your date anyway, so why not make the call a few hours early? Everyone likes an excuse to go out, so even if you start off in a bad mood, they'll be there to help you pick things up.

Call A Hookup Buddy

Maybe you just want the relaxation of seeing someone you only hook up with. Maybe you don't want to think about dating — you just want physical intimacy. If you're looking to get it on (and no worries if you're not) call your hookup buddy — they might make you feel better.

Text A Crush

Don't waste a great outfit! If you've been eyeing someone cute for a while, maybe this is the night to finally text them. If you're not up for flirting, no worries, but if you are, this could be the night to get something started!

Text A New Friend

Sometimes, being in a bad mood can be the perfect reason to break your routine. Maybe you don't want to explain to all your friends what went wrong on the date, but you want to get to know someone completely new. If there's a person you've been looking to hang out with platonically, give them a call. The standing-up incident could even give the two of you more to talk about!

Check Out That Venue You've Been Meaning To Visit

You don't have to be around other people — maybe you want to be alone, but you want to explore. If so, post-stand-up could be the right time to get yourself down to that new bar/restaurant/arcade/movie theater in your neighborhood. The night is young!

Catch Up On Your Favorite Show

This doesn't sound exciting, but maybe you're looking for a more mellow night. After all, you won't be sad about a date after you watch six episodes of This Is Us. (But, of course, you will be sad about, you know, everything on that show.)

Go Dancing

Why not? The exercise could help you forget all about the person who stood you up. Getting your heart racing to a fast beat might be exactly what you need to turn your night around!


This is your night, and no one can take it away from you. If you think a massage or facial would help you decompress, treat yourself! Whatever form self-care takes for you, remember to be extra nice to yourself if you've been stood up, because it's absolutely not your fault.

Get To Bed Early

This doesn't sound like a fun one, but honestly, going to bed early is undervalued. If your life is anything like mine, it can be tough to find a night to slip into bed an hour early, so when they come to me, I take them. You'll feel amazing tomorrow, which will help you forget all about the jerk who stood you up.

The times when I've been stood up, it didn't seem possible to turn the night around. I felt horrible, and I didn't want anyone to know. But, in retrospect, I wish I'd made the most of those nights. Being stood up is nothing to be embarrassed about (it's something for them to be embarrassed about), and you can turn your night around. Take any of these suggestions to find a silver lining in an unpleasant situation — you deserve it!

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