9 Types Of Vibrators To Add To Your Collection Because They Feel So Buzzing Good

Vibrators can be a really awesome addition to your sex life and, like people, they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. When it comes to shopping for vibrating sex toys, rest assured you have a lot of options on the market that can be used for solo sex or with a partner. In addition to shape, color, and size, vibrators also vary in the type of vibration they emit and the area or body part they are designed to stimulate. Though the majority of vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris and vagina, there are also vibrators that are designed specifically for the nipples, penis, and anus.

One concern that some people have when it comes to using a vibrator is if it will desensitize their body, reducing sensation and pleasure over time. The good news is that is not true, according to Kate Moyle, sex, relationship, and psychotherapist. "Vibrators won't change the way your body works or operates, but what you can build up is a tolerance to using one. In basic terms, you just get used to it (like anything in life), so it's good to mix up the way that you use vibrators so that it doesn't just become routine." You can mix your masturbation routine up by using your fingers instead of a vibrator or another toy that doesn't vibrate. It's definitely all about what you prefer.

Consider this your ultimate guide to every type of vibrating sex toy on the market.

Air Pulse Vibrator

The sex toy company Satisfyer makes toys with a unique air pulse technology that is specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris. Their products are designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex. The above toy has numerous speed settings and is also waterproof.

Remote Control Panty Vibrator

If you were looking for a vibrating toy to use with a partner, this remote-controlled panty vibrator from the sex toy company Ohmibod would be a great fit. It has a raised, rounded end that fits into bikini style underwear and it stays in place while vibrating.

Multipurpose Toy For Partners

Satisfyer also designed this fun toy for partner use, and it has numerous potential uses. The ends of the toy vibrator and can be used for nipple stimulation. It can also be incorporated into different sex positions as a cock ring.

Vibrating Finger Glove

This toy would be particularly great for people who enjoy fingering. This toy allows the person wearing it to penetrate their partner with additional vibration. If you're particularly interested in penetrating a partner but don't love the sensation of wearing a strap-on, this could be a great alternative.

Penis Head Vibrator

This toy is great for anyone who has a penis and enjoys vibration. This vibrator from sex toy company Trinity Vibes has multiple speeds for different levels of stimulation. It can be a great addition to foreplay or a central feature of the main event.

Double-End Vibrator

The sex toy company Utimi has an awesome product for partners that who want simultaneous vibration. The two ends are insertable into the body or great for stimulating external areas like the nipples or clitoris. It could also be great for anyone that wants simultaneous vaginal and anal vibration.

Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are a category of sex toy shaped like a dildo with a separate vibrating appendage that is meant to stimulate the clitoris. This design is great for someone that loves simultaneous vibration on their clitoris and penetration. This particular design warms slightly so that the penetrative end is even more pleasurable.

Vibrating Tenga

The sex toy company Tenga makes numerous different toys for people with penises. This particular toy is made to vibrate while being penetrated. This is great for someone who wants multiple different forms of stimulation. The sensations of penetration and vibration combined can be really awesome.

Personal Massager

This vibrating wand from sex toy company Pheiho is a cordless vibrator with a wide head to disperse vibration across a large surface area. This can be great if localized vibrations are too intense for you; because the head of the massage wand is so big, the intensity of the sensation is spread out.

Strapless Strap-On Dildo

This style of strap-on doesn't actually have any straps to hold it in place — a vibrator for internal use keeps it in place. This toy can be really awesome for someone who enjoys multiple forms of simultaneous stimulation.

Hopefully, one of these toys piqued your interest or, ahem, gave you some good vibes.