I Travel Every Other Week & Pack These 9 Random Items That Every Millennial Will Find Useful

by Kristin Corpuz

I'm a frequent traveler. I hop on at least one flight every other week, and I am always unpacking and repacking my suitcase. I have a whole folder that's filled with notes in my phone dedicated to packing lists from previous trips. Although I have my regular list of staple items that everyone should pack (like deodorant, headphones, a toothbrush, and phone charger), I also include some useful items to take traveling that you may not immediately think to bring, but really should consider. These items have saved me on more than one occasion, and I know that I won't be traveling without them anytime soon.

Things like my handy dandy fabric steamer, a pair of tweezers, and a cute hat that works with all of my outfits are things that I absolutely cannot hit the road without. Though they may seem insignificant, random, or unnecessary at first, they've become part of my must-have packing list.

Needless to say, the next time you're packing up your suitcase for a big adventure, consider putting a few of these things in your bag, too. They'll be super useful and make your life on the road a whole lot easier. Happy packing and travels!

A Fabric Steamer

I don't know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves in life is wearing wrinkly clothes. Even when I'm traveling, I want my clothes to look as neat as possible. I'm a huge fan of flowy clothes for ultimate comfort, but unfortunately, they get wrinkled pretty easily — especially because I pack my suitcase pretty tightly.

My solution is easy: I carry a fabric steamer on all of my travels. A small one like this one from Amazon is easy to pack in a carry-on, and does the job quickly.

A Universal Power Adapter
Alita Ong / Stocksy

One of the biggest struggles of traveling internationally is being able to charge all of my electronic devices without worrying about blowing a fuse or frying my laptop. In my opinion, having at least a couple universal power adapters is a must. This adaptor from Amazon is affordable, comes with two USB ports, and has a built-in surge protector.

My Favorite Pair Of Polarized Sunnies

A pair of sunglasses is crucial for me whenever I travel, and though I can go overboard sometimes (I think I brought at least five pairs on my trip to India and the Maldives), I always include a polarized pair to protect my sensitive eyes.

The High Key sunnies from Quay Australia are super stylish and chic, and come in a polarized finish so you can look trendy and be practical with your eyewear at the same time.

A Hat That Complements Any Outfit

I'm a huge fan of hats, but traveling with them can be a little difficult. They're bulky and take up space, so I usually only have room for one. I've found that a camel-toned one is the best option, because it can match a variety of different outfits and it works well with my skin tone.

Consider purchasing this hat from Lack Of Color, which is similar to the one I'm wearing above. If I'm heading to a beach destination, I opt for a straw hat instead. My go-to is also from Lack Of Color.

A Handful Of Blister Band-Aids
Audrey Shtecinjo / Stocksy

Nothing is worse than walking around a new destination than getting a blister on my foot, so I'm always prepared with a handful of blister Band-Aids in my "go bag" when I'm on the road. Not only do I keep some in my suitcase, but I also stick some in my purse or backpack, just in case.

Ivan Gener / Stocksy

Not only do I want my eyebrows to look poppin' while I'm traveling, but tweezers are a great tool to bring on the road. They're useful if I get a splinter, need to get a stubborn sticker off a souvenir I bought, or even need to get a hangnail off.

A Nail File
suzanne clements / Stocksy

I'm pretty picky when it comes to my nails, and accidents always happen when I'm traveling. A nail file is great to have on hand, just in case I chip or break a nail.

A Fanny Pack

When I'm traveling, I don't want to worry about carrying too much stuff with me, so I avoid bringing a big "go bag" as much as possible, and only carry the essentials in a fanny pack while I'm walking around.

This iridescent one from Adidas has become my new fave. I love how unique it is, and it has a ton of space — enough for my phone, extra power bank, my cards, some cash, lipstick, and a pack of gum.

A Tote Bag
Deirdre Malfatto / Stocksy

If I'm going on a trip that has a variety of activities, a tote bag is necessary. I love canvas tote bags because you can roll it up the same way you roll up your clothes, and it works for any spontaneous activities or long days on the road. You can bring it to the beach, on a hike, or just walking around the city, and put it in the wash when you get home. I've been using this reusable canvas tote from Madewell. It's super affordable and really cute.