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I Travel For Half The Year & These Underrated Hotel Amenities Make Me Feel At Home

by Kristin Corpuz
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Traveling for half of the year can be quite exhausting. The constant unpacking and repacking, long hours spent at the airport and on planes, all the time spent planning the trip, and exploring once you get there can start to take a toll on me if I have long stretches of back-to-back trips. But there are a few underrated hotel amenities that never fail to make me feel a little more comfortable and at home.

From plush bath robes, to USB outlets, to filtered water, to wall hooks, no detail is too small to help make me feel like I haven't been on the road for a month. Though I admittedly don't spend that much time in my hotel room whenever I'm abroad (I try to spend as much time as possible exploring.), being able to come back to a room that feels like I'm totally settled in makes a world of difference.

If you're a frequent traveler, you probably already keep your eyes out for these amenities. And if you don't travel as much, these are definitely things that will put the cherry on top of a perfect stay. Read on for some of my favorite underrated hotel amenities that make a major difference in my personal traveling experience.

Bath Robes And Slippers

Nothing feels more luxurious and spa-like than being able to put on a plush robe and slide into a soft pair of slippers. Even though I don't really wear robes or slippers at home, somehow having these things inside my hotel room make me feel a lot comfier.

Maybe it's because I like to live a little more extra when I'm traveling, or maybe I just like the feeling of being wrapped up in something super soft, but robes and slippers make all the difference to me when I'm on the road.

USB Plugs And Plugs That Are Close To The Bed

I actually didn't care about having USB plugs in my room until I started traveling a lot internationally, but they really do make a huge difference. Not having to worry about bringing enough converters and/or adapters takes a huge load off my mind when I'm worrying about dozens of other things when I'm traveling.

As an add-on, having an outlet (especially a USB outlet) near my bed is always a huge plus for me. I like watching movies on my iPad before I go to bed, but I also often use my iPad for work during the day, so I don't want it to be dead when I wake up.

Other frequent travelers I know enjoy the comfort of having their phone next to the bed, but I actually enjoy putting mine on the other side of the room so I have to actually get out of bed and walk to my phone to turn my alarm off.

A Full-Length Mirror

You'd be amazed how many hotels don't actually have full-length mirrors. I have stood on chairs, tilted down the TV screen, and gone to other extreme measures to get a glimpse of what my outfit looks like before heading out the door. While I'd love full-length mirrors to be standard in every hotel, I know that that isn't possible, so having one in the room is always a welcome — and much-needed — surprise.

Smart TVs So You Can Log In To Your Streaming Services

I know that this might sound like a bougie amenity I can totally do without, but being able to watch TV on an actual TV is huge for me. I don't have a TV at home, so streaming all of my favorite shows on a big screen is a huge plus for me. Keeping up with my shows while I'm abroad is definitely something that makes me feel more at home, even though it's not a necessity.

Lots Of Natural Light

This is another one of those things I always assume is going to be part of my hotel experience, but that's often not the case. I love waking up with the sunshine, and I prefer to put my makeup on in natural light, so having a window that lets a lot of natural light in is a total must for me. Plus, natural light is awesome for selfies. (I'm definitely spoiled because my apartment in LA gets a ton of natural light, so having it in my hotel helps me think of home.)

Free Snacks And Water

When I'm hungry, I'm hungry, and that means that I'll eat just about anything that's within arm's reach, even if it means it's a $12 candy bar. A hotel providing free snacks — even if they're in the lobby and I have to walk to get them — is a huge plus for me, especially when I'm working and can't step away for a big meal.

Filtered water is also something I look forward to at hotels. Buying water when I'm abroad can rack up, and plastic bottles are super wasteful, so having a pitcher of filtered water in my room is perfect so I can refill my reusable bottle whenever I need to.

Early Check-In

I often take redeye flights and arrive at my destination relatively early. And though that can sometimes be fun so I can get my day started, most of the time, I just want to shower and get cleaned up before I do anything else. If a hotel is able to accommodate an early check-in so I can put my things down and get settled, I'm always super grateful.

Wall Hooks

This one probably sounds pretty obvious, but I've often been surprised by hotels that only have one hook available. I tend to forget garments when I hang them up in the closet, so I often rely on wall hooks to hang up my things. Between bathrobes, sleeping clothes, towels, bathing suits, and other things that need to be dried or aired out, wall hooks are crucial for me.

Quality Bathroom Amenities

I usually bring my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion, but if I'm on the road for an extended amount of time, chances are, I've run out before the end of the trip. Having nice bathroom amenities allows me to ration my own supplies, and just puts my mind at ease when I go to wash my hair.

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