9 Adorably Thoughtful Ways To Surprise Your Partner So They'll Happy-Cry
by Jamie Kravitz

Whether you're in a newly budding romance or living with a long-term partner, when you're in a relationship, it's easy to assume your boyfriend or girlfriend knows exactly how you feel about them. Nine times out of 10, though, this isn't the case. No one is a mind-reader, and even if you do tell them how much you care on a regular basis, sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words. By planning thoughtful surprises for your boyfriend or girlfriend every now and then, you can show them just how special they are and give them the attention you know they deserve.

If you're struggling to think of the right gift to give, the below list of sweet surprises is guaranteed to get you started on the right foot. Maybe you're celebrating their birthday or another special occasion, or perhaps you want to organize a surprise that comes completely out-of-the-blue. Whatever your intentions, I've got you covered. And before you say your partner hates surprises, think about the happy tears they'll shed when they realize all the effort you put in to making them smile.

These nine adorable ways to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend are easily carried out and don't require a ton of time or money. Your partner's genuine reaction, however, is sure to be priceless.

Secretly arrange for their long-distance BFF or sibling to surprise them on their birthday.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a close friend who moved away, or maybe a sibling who attends college across the country, make private plans for that person to travel back and surprise your partner for their birthday. If all goes well, they'll be genuinely surprised by the sweet gesture.

Seamless them soup when they're sick and stuck at home.

Being home sick is one of the worst feelings in the world, so make their time in bed a little more bearable by having soup (or whatever food they like to eat when they're not feeling well) delivered to their door. You can also have Postmates deliver things like cold medicine and tissues right to your beau.

Tuck a love note in their coat pocket so they'll find it later that day.

Nothing warms the heart on a chilly morning like reaching into your pocket on the way to work and finding a sweet note from your significant other. Make an otherwise ordinary day feel extraordinary with a few simple words. Need ideas? Tell them one thing you love about them or express that you can't wait to see them later.

Visit them at their job or between classes to have lunch together.

Just make sure they aren't swamped with meetings or preparing for an important presentation first, so that you don't accidentally show up in the midst of chaos. Once you get the all clear from their work wife (you want to keep it a surprise after all), pack a picnic lunch or pick up their favorite special treat.

Learn a few words or phrases in their second language.

If your partner speaks another language, learn to say or write "I love you" in that language. If you want to learn additional words and phrases, you can use Duolingo to increase your knowledge.

An ex of mine once had a friend who was skilled at calligraphy write my Hebrew name on the inside cover of a notebook — the perfect surprise for a writer. The relationship didn't last, but I still have the book.

Buy them a gift just because it made you think of them.

The next time you pass by a store window and see something that catches your eye, pick it up for your S.O. and give them a gift just because. They'll be surprised by the thought, and struck by the fact that you were reminded of them.

Have flowers delivered to their office to celebrate a promotion or work anniversary.

The best partners pay attention to important milestones and significant dates outside of just birthdays and holidays. Wish your boyfriend or girlfriend a happy work anniversary or congratulate them on a recent promotion by surprising them with flowers or Champagne sent to their desk.

Draw a bubble bath (complete with wine and candles), and have it ready for them at the end of a stressful week.

Pick up some bath bombs, light a bunch of candles, and pour a generous glass of wine just in time for your partner to get home from work on Friday. They will be so grateful for the chance to relax after a long week. You can even wait in the tub under the bubbles for an extra special — and seriously sexy — surprise.

Write a list of your favorite memories as a couple and leave it on their pillow.

Whether the memories are funny, sappy, or a mix of both, your partner will love reminiscing about your best moments together as a couple. By placing the list on their pillow, they'll see it just before bed and go to sleep dreaming of you.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend means the world to you, so don't ever let them feel taken for granted. Surprise them with a kind gesture every once in a while and keep your relationship going strong.

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