9 Texts To Send Your Partner If You Want To Make Them Miss You

by Annie Foskett

I like attention. I always want people to miss me. Especially people I'm dating who happen to be away at boozy bachelor parties with their bros for the weekend. The "miss you" text is the new "parting is such sweet sorrow," and I want one. But what if your loved one is distracted, or, perhaps, hammered and needs a little prodding to be reminded to send that "miss you"? Well, thanks to 2017's technological advances, there are texts to send to make them miss you.

[Insert evil cackle here], how calculating does that sound? "Make them miss you." But hey, it's not manipulation; it's a reminder! Like, "Hey, I'm here and you like hanging out with me!" Ideally, if you are in a healthy relationship, your partner misses you and sending them a little text is not making them miss you, so much as telling them that you miss them.

So what are some good texts to send your person to get them thinking about how awesome it's going to be to hang out/smush/snuggle/have deep conversations when you are back together again? Well, think about what you'd like to receive via text message. Is a dick pic your thing? Send a nude! (JUST KIDDING. Mostly.) Would you like a cute picture of the plants your partner is taking care of in your apartment while you're away? Do that! Here are some more ideas as well:

1. "I did your laundry!"

Girlfriend of the year! Woo! Everyone hates laundry, so the fact that you did your partner's laundry while they were at work or away on a trip makes you easy to miss. If laundry's too antiquated and gender normative for you, a simple "I filled the fridge with beers for us to drink together tonight!" can work too.

Pretty much do anything nice for your partner, and let them know about it.

2. "Remember our first date?"

Collective "aww." So this reeks with Camembert-level cheesiness, but unless you and your partner had a super weird first date, the memories this text will bring up should be pretty sweet.

3. "[Insert quote from movie/show you watched together here.]"

Every couple has a show they binged exclusively together, or a movie they have a weird obsession with, so think of yours and send them a little reminder of it. Yes, even if it's "mouth-breather" from Stranger Things.

4. "[Insert Waving Hand Emoji Here]"

Yes, it's that simple. This is your partner that you're texting. They are dating you because they like you. Just checking in with a tiny wave will feel good to them, without requiring an immediate response.

5. "Wish we were snuggling."

Because COME ON, everyone loves a good snuggle. Now that the days and long, dark, and chilly, these warm texts will go a long way to get your partner excited to get home and cuddle up.

6. "[Insert Picture Of You In That Dress They Like]"

Or undies. Or nada. Whatever your style is. A thirst trap on a partner is always going to work. I love receiving a cute picture from anyone I'm crushing on. There's something weirdly personal about it.

7. "I'm thirsty."

This is, again, a little bit more of a suggestive way to get your partner thinking about you, and may result in an "I want you" text rather than a sweet "I miss you." Anything goes!

8. "Today was so fun, but I miss you."

This is a nice, "I like you but I don't need you" move for relationships where the dynamics can be a little more wonky. That said, don't be afraid to share your feelings, you can just say "miss you." Vulnerability is hot.

9. "[Insert Literally Anything You Want Here]"

This is YOUR relationship. You know your partner better than I do, or anyone else. The text tone for all relationships is different, so if you want to nudge your partner into giving you a little more attention while you're apart, send them a nice compliment, if that's what you normally do. If you're normally super dark and sarcastic, say something to that note. If you usually call instead of text, call them!

At the end of the day, if you feel like you need to make someone miss you, maybe don't be with them. The right partner will miss you. If they're just at work and you want a cute way to tell them you're thinking of them? Sure, send some of those texts your partner's way. Why the F not? Again, think about what makes you feel good to receive from a partner. Above all, have fun with it. Memes, GIFs, and Instagram tags are equally fun ways to say "hey, I'm here!" when you're away from your partner.

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