9 Hilarious Texts You'll Get From Your Parents The First Week Of College

When you received the acceptance letter to your university, you were certain of two things: you were leaving the nest, and the word "college" would make your parents, or parent figures in your life, burst into happy tears from there on out. You may have never lived away from home before, but you know your parents have done their best to prepare you. To them, you're still the little kid with pigtails and jelly sandals they dropped off at kindergarten, so you can expect a chain of texts from your parents the first week of college that are totally understandable.

Even going shopping for dorm room decor was a Kodak moment, because Mom took plenty of pictures. She may have even bought the same school sweatshirt as you, because she just learned how to take selfies and wants to "twin" on game days. Your dad may not be as telling, but you'll know by that super long hug and kiss on the top of your head that he's not really ready to let you go, either. (Not to mention, you've also gotten that responsibility talk so many times, you could recite it backwards.)

Seriously, though: Gotta love your parents and the way they deal with you becoming an adult. Maybe someday you'll understand, because you'll be in their shoes. Oh, and if you don't answer these nine texts in a timely manner, expect a follow-up text about whether or not you're OK.

"How's it going? Have you made any new friends yet?"

Making friends is a sign to your parents that things are going well. They want you to make the most of your college experience, and that includes locking down a bestie or two. Once you namedrop your friends, though, expect your parents to ask about them all the time.

"Make sure to keep up with your laundry."

You'll get this text, but you'll likely still let that mountain of laundry pile up, because it's a total mission dragging your bag to the laundry room. That's college in a nutshell for you.

When you do decide to do laundry, you and your roomie will make a fun plan out of it. Pit-stop for mocha frappuccinos on the way back? Yes, please.

"Have you worn that sweater I got you yet?"

You can count on your parents to show off their school spirit on the reg, decked out in your school colors. (You guys all have matching sweatshirts, remember?) Get ready to be asked to send pics of the first time you wear yours.

"Miss you. Are you coming home soon?"

If you live within driving distance from home, this text won't only apply to the first week of school. Expect a few pop-up visits from your parents, because they were "in the area." Ugh, they're so cute.

"Did you know [enter random fact about your school's history]?"

You already know your parents did all of their research before they sent you off to this school. (Seriously though, they must have been private investigators in a past life.) Thanks to them, you know facts about your school that date back to the first days it was up and running as a university.

"Good morning! Have a nice day. Go Rams!"

Almost immediately, your parents have added all of your school mottos and sayings to their vocabulary. Expect to hear them as most of their sign-offs via text. Yeah, they're that supportive.

"How's that comforter? And are your roommates being nice?"

Your living situation is going to be the topic of conversation in your family's group chat. I mean, can you blame them? They want your home away from home to be as cozy and welcoming as possible.

"You busy? Studying?"

Studying? Who the heck studies the first week of college? You are still trying to get into the swing of things and form your college clique. I mean, you are scouring your map every two minutes for directions, so I guess that's a form of studying, right?

"How was it? Call me when you get out of class."

Yes, your parents know your schedule and have it posted on their refrigerator like a proud report card. So, when you forget, you can count on them to know what time you have chemistry. They're not trying to be overbearing; they're curious about how you're feeling about your first few days of the college life.

Try to remember that it can be tough for your parents to see you go off to college. Ease their minds with a response and throw in some sweet emojis, too.