This Hilarious Instagram Account Posts All The Ridiculous Texts Parents Send

by Anna Menta

Parents: can't live without 'em and definitely can't have a normal text conversation with 'em.

Even if parents understand technically how to send and receive texts and even if they know how to access the emojis, they're still going to send you weird sh*t. They're parents, and that's what they do.

While it may not always be fun to be on the receiving end of these weird AF texts from your fam, it is hilarious to read about weird texts happening to other people. That's why this Instagram, yoursh*ttyfamily, is so great because it's just a big ole collection of crazy texts people got from family members, especially parents.

All you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy these people's mortification from afar. Enjoy!

This mom is just discovering memes from 2008, and she uses them to tell her children to dress warmly. That is peak mom.

This mom has so many questions but so little data.

This dad should maybe watch a little less crime TV.

This mom has some burning questions about one of "The Hunger Games" movies that just can't wait.

Here's a dad who is taking nagging into the digital age.

Someone's mom is expanding her vocab.

Oh God, no. Do NOT teach moms how to use "word." They will never stop using it.

OK, Mom, please just stick to puns the next time you make a joke.

Here's a mom who truly understands us all...

...and here's a mom who truly understands nothing.

We should all just be thankful the parents haven't found Snapchat yet.

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