9 Socially Distant Date Ideas That Are Still Totally Romantic

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As if dating didn't already present plenty of challenges, like what to wear, where to go, how to keep the conversation flowing, and plenty more, the emergence of COVID-19 has made it even trickier. So many of the old standbys like grabbing a drink or going to a movie are no longer feasible IRL, but that doesn't mean dating is canceled. Not only is getting to know someone you're attracted to still possible, but it can even be very romantic — and definitely safe, if you have a few socially distant date ideas to suggest our next date night.

Dating is ultimately about the opportunity to have fun getting to know someone better, and that's easily achievable while socially distancing. While these kinds of dates mean there can't be a kiss at the end of the night, consider how hot it's going to be when you're finally face-to-face with someone after the anticipation has had a chance to build. Here are some ideas for socially distant dates to go on without sacrificing the romance.

Candlelight Takeout Exchange.

Dinner dates aren't dead in quarantine, they just take a little extra creativity. Send each other takeout, then dine together over FaceTime by candlelight. That way, you can still look at each other in the eyes while getting to know one another on a deeper level.

Watch A “Live” Show Together.

It's not just you trapped at home right now, but all the live entertainers are as well, and many have responded to these times by taking their show online. So, why not make your next date night dinner and a digital show. Whether it's your favorite drag queen, podcast, or comedy show, there are plenty of online options to make the date night fun and special.

Play A Game Online.
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Some of the most romantic moments are when you and a potential partner are simply having fun together. That's why a casual game night for two just might start the digital sparks flying. Anything from multiplayer online games, to casual fun with Jackbox Games, is a great way to add some light competition and flirtation to date night.

Go On A Virtual Coffee Date.

If your ideal first date is a coffee date, then good news, because a coffee date can easily be done while social distancing — though you'll have to brew your own cup. Make a FaceTime date to meet over a cup of coffee and then proceed just as you would IRL.

Have A Mixology Night.

If grabbing a drink is your go-to date activity, then like a coffee date, just make it a DIY drink over FaceTime. The key to making it feel a little special is to play a mixologist and each of you mixes up a proper cocktail to mark the occasion. Not only will it make for a great ice breaker, but getting to sip on something special will add to the ambiance.

Bubble Bath FaceTime Date.
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While this idea might not be appropriate for a first date, you can step up the romance by leaning into your sensual side with a date night from the bath. Run a bubble bath, light some candles, hope on FaceTime, and see where the night takes you.

An Online Tarot Reading For Two.

Want to try something a little unique? How about an online tarot reading for two. Find out what the future may hold for the two of you.

Online Movie Night.

There's nothing like the old classic date night of dinner and a movie. Fortunately, you can do both online. Order takeout and chat over FaceTime, then fire up Netflix using the Netflix Party extension and watch the movie together. Pick something romantic to set the mood, or take turns watching one another's favorites to get to know each other better.

Visit the Zoo “Together.”

One of the sweetest dates you can go on is a visit to the zoo. Just about everyone has a favorite animal that warms their heart and it's fun to experience that feeling with someone else. But you don't have to go to the zoo to do so thanks to the many, many live cams at zoos and aquariums around the world. Log on and ooh and aww together while you get closer on your next date night.

In times like these, making sacrifices is just something people have to do, whether it's for their safety or the wellbeing of those around them. Fortunately, romance doesn't have to be one of them, with so many fun and sweet activities you can do together from the safety of your own homes.