9 Sad Memes About Love That You'll Relate To If You've Ever Had A Broken Heart
by Korey Lane

I'm a firm believer in the legitimacy of a broken heart. When you go through a breakup or experience any kind of a relationship loss, it sucks — plain and simple. While you'll eventually get over it, it's going to hurt for a while, and that's OK! Fortunately, you're not alone, because literally every human has experienced that pain before at some point in their lives, so there are definitely tried and true coping mechanisms that might help. Additionally, if you're looking for some company for your misery, these sad memes about love will remind you you're not alone.

Sure, maybe you're recently single and still surviving on a steady diet of wine, ice cream, and the salt from your tears, but these memes are the perfect combination of funny and sad, and they'll help you remember that it does get better. Maybe you won't meet someone new right away, but in the mean time, it can't hurt to try and LOL at the reality that is heartbreak. One day, you'll look back on this heartbreak as a distant memory, or maybe even a lesson learned. Until then, these memes are the perfect way to find comfort in the fact that these feelings are common, and you will get through it.

This honest realization.
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Memes are practically an honorary love language, so it makes sense that if you're experiencing heartbreak, you might also miss being constantly tagged in memes by your significant other. Don't worry, though — that's what friends are for.

It could be worse.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

Remember: Things could always be worse than they are.

At least it's an important lesson?
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Emotional baggage is the new black, didn't you hear?

Points for trying!
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Moving on from heartbreak might feel impossible, but you'll get there eventually. Fortunately, it's completely doable, and it just takes time.

Sometimes you just need time to cry it out.
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Getting your heart broken wasn't something you wanted to happen, but here you are. No matter when it happened, or how it happened, you're allowed to wallow. It takes time to heal, and there's nothing wrong with putting on a sad song and pretending you're in a music video while the tears just flow. We've all been there.

This is so real, it's sad.
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Ghosting is the worst, and if you get ghosted, it can honestly feel like moving on is impossible since you don't know what went wrong. But again, remember that you aren't alone and that eventually you'll be able to laugh about it.

This is everyone's fantasy, let's be honest.
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Getting dumped, like any form of heartbreak, is the worst. But maybe, just maybe, you'll be as lucky as this girl, who got to live out everyone's ultimate fantasy. When an ex comes crawling back, tell them they missed their chance, and slam your beer down! You're doing it for women everywhere.

When you totally jam to Adele mid-heartbreak.
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Ugh, Adele really is the perfect post-breakup soundtrack, and in the comfort of your own home, you can feel free to belt it out (and maybe even cry it out).

And finally, this simple truth.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

It may seem hard, but if you've ever been through a heartbreak, then you know it's possible to get through it and you'll come out stronger on the other end.

But remember: In a breakup or any kind of heartbreak, it's important to take time to heal and process your emotions. Eventually, you'll be able to laugh it off, and maybe even make your own sad meme about love.

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