Cruise Into Summer With These Road Trip Traditions You'll Want To Continue Forever

Your best friends are your ride or dies — aka your road trip crew. There's nothing better than cruising with your crew in the car, singing along to your favorite songs, and heading someplace new and exciting. Let's be honest: Road trips are the best kind of plan, especially in the summer. You may also love the nostalgia factor that reminds you of going on long trips with your family as a kid. Since your squad is basically family, too, it's time to start some traditions of your own. Though, you might be wondering what road trip traditions to start with your best friends now, and continue forever?

Well, with every road trip, there are essentials you need to pack, including: a great playlist, yummy snacks, and even a few games. Mix up those must-haves and make them more memorable by starting any of these nine traditions ASAP on your next road trip adventure. Just like how you can always count on someone in your fam to ask, "Are we there yet?" now you can count on extra fun anytime your squad hits the road. All you need is a destination, your friends, and a tank full of gas to ensure you have the best adventure ever up ahead.

Create Surprise Playlists For One Another
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Let everyone take on the role of DJ in the car by having your friends create their own road trip playlists. Take turns jamming out to everyone's favorite choices. With this tradition, you might discover new music you fall in love with, and can also sing along to your squad's classics.

Find A Go-To Foodie Spot To Call Your Own
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Of course, you'll want to stop for delicious eats along the way, and have to make a joint decision on where to go. Once you settle on a place, make that your go-to spot for every future road trip. It could be a cute roadside diner or a trendy café that has Insta-worthy treats.

Say "Yes" To Roadside Attractions
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Have an official agreement that you check out any cool roadside attraction you spot along the way. For example, you might pass by the Seven Magic Mountains and of course need to stop for quality Instagram #content. Anytime you see a fun sign, you and your friends should say, "yes!"

Snap A Car Selfie Before The Trip
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Before you even hit the road, start a tradition of taking a selfie in the car. Over the years, you'll have a bunch of pics to look back on, and remember the excitement you felt in that very moment before you embarked on an epic journey.

Pack The Same Snack Essentials
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You always need snacks for the car. Make it a tradition to bring the same faves the whole group loves. You might even want to go shopping together a few days before you hit the road for an added tradition.

Collect Postcards

At any gas station or gift shop you stop at, try to pick out postcards to collect or send to your family. You never know where you'll stop, and there will always be some great postcards to collect in a keepsake box or send out.

Establish A Road Trip Hashtag

Instead of photo albums, you have Instagram as your album to look back on past vacation memories. With your whole squad deciding, come up with a joint road trip hashtag for your crew. Each year you can come up with a new one, so it's easier to look back at everyone's photos.

Surprise One Another With Souvenirs
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Along the way, buy little knickknacks for your friends. It can be a fun challenge to find things when no one is looking. At the end of the trip, you can all share your souvenirs with each other. They can be funny inside jokes or precious keepsakes.

Be Flexible With Your Plans
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Road trips should always have flexibility to them. You have a general plan, but you never know when traffic will hit, or when you need to stop at a random exit. Make it a tradition to always be flexible and keep an open mind with your plans. Leave your schedule open for any special museums or unique spots you see along the way.