These Dreamy Pics Of Greece Will Make You Want To Catch A Flight This Summer

by Ciara Johnson

Lets be real here: If you haven't been to Greece yet, it's probably one of your top bucket list destinations. The ancient landmarks, cliffside views, colorful seaside homes, and local foods will make you want to book a flight ASAP. You've probably scrolled past photos of Greece on your Instagram feed and have gotten a serious case of FOMO. The glorious photos of the country give you a small taste of what it has to offer, and you just won't be able to get enough. These dreamy pictures of Greece will make you want to pack your bags and jet off to paradise this summer.

Greece is just one of those places you have to see in real life, because it's clear that pictures don't do it justice. The bleach white and royal blue homes are unlike anything I've seen my life, the tropical islands will make you want to sell everything you own to live on the beach, the historical sites will make you feel like you've taken a step back in time, and the Greek food will make you want to stay forever. Basically, Greece is the ideal vacation spot for anyone who wants to have the time of their life and score the sweetest Instagram shots.

The Vibrant Colors Will Take Your Breath Away
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During your stay, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take a dip in the Aegean Sea. Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Milos, and Ios are among the most popular islands, but they barely scratch the surface of what you can explore. Spend 11 days visiting Greek's hottest islands for the adventure of a lifetime.

Unique Beaches Are Calling Your Name
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The Greek Islands are unique in the fact that they go beyond white sand beaches. According to Visit Greece, there are rocky beaches, coastal caves, and hidden coves just waiting for you to experience them for yourself.

It's The Place To Be If You're Down For Adventure
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Greece might just be the perfect destination for adventure lovers. You can ride four-wheelers, go scuba diving, or go hiking. Unlike your typical beach destinations, there's much more to do beyond lounging on the sand.

The Iconic White And Blue Homes Will Make You Swoon
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Islands like Santorini are home to those iconic white and blue homes you've seen on your Instagram feed. You won't believe your eyes as you wander through the maze of cave homes. It's definitely a sight to see, and you'll instantly be hooked on the scenic backdrop.

The Instagram-Worthy Picture Opportunities Are Endless
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Greece just might be the most Instagram-worthy travel destination in the world. The white and blue homes, historical sites, crystal blue water, and picture-perfect alleyways are the perfect backdrop to your Instagram photos. You can't leave Greece without getting some epic shots.

There's So Much Ancient History
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You'll finally be able to set foot on ancient sites you read about in your history textbooks. Greece is full of structures and buildings that have stood the test of time. You'll find yourself speechless in the presence of all of these remarkable sites, including the Acropolis of Athens and the Sanctuary of Delphi.

Your Palate Will Enjoy The Delicious Greek Cuisine
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Honestly, I'd book a flight to Greece just for the food. You can savor fresh seafood on the islands or chow down on Greek gyros in Athens. You'll have a blast sampling traditional Greek cuisine.

It's Surprisingly Affordable
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It may seem like you'd only visit Greece in your dreams, but it may be more affordable than you think. In fact, the Skyscanner has ranked Greece as one of the most affordable countries for vacation. You can choose less popular islands and even opt for hostels instead of pricey villas.

There Are Many Beautiful Hidden Alleys
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Have you ever wanted to get lost in winding alleyways? Greece is full of maze-like villages that allow you to throw your itinerary out the window and walk on the spontaneous side.

Start saving now. These photos will make you want to book a flight to Greece ASAP.