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9 Off The Menu Items At Disney You Never Knew You Needed

By now, you may have been to the Disney parks enough times to know your favorite rides, go-to snacks, and the best places to pose for Insta-worthy pics. You might consider yourself a Disney pro, which means you're ready to know the best-kept secrets and hacks to make your park day even more magical. It kicks off with this list of off the menu items at Disney that will make you seriously drool.

The easiest way to stay on top of the surprises Disney has to offer is by following some of the best Disney accounts on Instagram. With these accounts, you'll discover things like dishes that were taken off the menu, but are still available, and great combos of menu items you never knew you needed to try. All you have to do is say the magic words — aka, know what unlisted items to order — and your foodie dreams will come to life.

So if you're planning on heading to the parks soon and want to have a truly special trip, consider ordering any of these nine off the menu items. Not only will it be delicious experience, but you'll feel like you're in a secret club of Disney lovers who know all.

The Galactic Burger At Galactic Grill

Thanks to Food At Disneyland (@foodatdisneyland) on Instagram, you're now in the know about the out-of-this-world Galactic Burger at Galactic Grill. According to Food At Disneyland's post, if you order this off the menu burger, you'll receive an In-N-Out-style burger with grilled onions, thousand island-like dressing, and French fries inside.

The Neapolitan Shake At Flo's V8

The Neapolitan Shake is also a SoCal staple you can order off the menu at In 'N' Out, and now, Flo's V8 at California Adventure. According to Food At Disneyland's Instagram post, all you need to do to get this delicious treat is order a Neapolitan Shake in Cars Land. Add the cookie crumble — aka, "road gravel" — on top for even more deliciousness.

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich At Galactic Grill

Back at the Galactic Grill, you can order this Spicy Chicken Sandwich. This delicious food hack has been brought to you by Food At Disneyland, and according to their post, all you need to do is order the Fried Chicken Sandwich and ask them to dip it in their honey sriracha sauce.

The Fun Wheel At Lamplight Lounge

If you want to stop for a tasty refreshment, check out Lamplight Lounge for a cocktail (if you're 21 or up). The Lamplight Lounge used to be the Cove Bar and Ariel's Grotto before it was given a Pixar makeover. If you miss some of the old cocktails on the menu, don't fret. According to Food At Disneyland, you can still order The Fun Wheel drink, even though it's no longer listed.

The Chili And Mac 'N' Cheese Bread Bowl At Refreshment Corner

At the Refreshment Corner on Main Street, you can get the best of both worlds with a chili and mac 'n' cheese in a bread bowl. Their mac and cheese in a sourdough bread bowl with hearty chili is exactly that, according to Food At Disneyland.

The Zocalo Burrito At Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante

If you're really hungry, head to Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland at Disneyland for the Zocalo Burrito. It has pretty much everything you want, and according to Food At Disneyland, it has three kinds of meats, beans, rice, guacamole, and more.

The Blue Bantha Cookie On Its Own At Oga's Cantina

A reservation at Oga's Cantina is the hottest ticket for a Star Wars fan. You may have noticed the Blue Bantha drink on the menu, and it comes with a delicious vanilla-butter cookie on top. But if you just want the cookie, according to Carlye Wisel's (@carlyewisel) Instagram post, you can order it on its own.

The Berry Purée Dipping Sauce At Cafe Orleans
Heather Sievers/@diningindisney

Heather Sievers (@diningindisney) has awesome food hacks for Disney lovers to try. For instance, at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland, order up the pomme frites with a side of the berry purée for dipping. The berry purée normally comes with the Monte Cristo sandwich, but apparently, you can have it on its own if you ask for it.

Dole Whip With Tajin Seasoning At The Tiki Juice Bar
Heather Sievers/@diningindisney

For something sweet and spicy, grab some Tajin seasoning when you stop at Tiki Juice Bar to sprinkle on top of your Dole Whip. Heather Sievers (@diningindisney) tells Elite Daily this is "an oldie but a goodie" food hack.