9 Memes That Perfectly Define Your Relationship With Your Work Wife

Having a best friend at work, aka your work wife, is truly the only thing you need. They are better than coffee, because when the caffeine is not doing it for you, your bestie will always help you through the long days. You're constantly going to her to just vent and laugh whenever you have a spare moment of time. Lunch is when you both really just get to be yourselves, but when you're forced to go back to your desks to work, you chat with your bestie online with memes to send to your work wife.

Only those fortunate people who have work wives totally understand these nine memes best, because they perfectly describe your relationship together. Tell your bosses to not worry; when you're messaging back and forth, you're still totally getting work done. You're just also keeping your bestie in the loop of what's going on in your neck of the office.

No number of cubicles can separate you two, so send her one of these memes to let her know you're thinking of her. She will totally get a kick out of it, and hopefully the hours go by quickly so you both can finally reconnect over happy hour wings and drinks soon.

When She Is Literally Your Cup Of Noodles
delishogram on Twitter

Your work wife is the only person in the office who truly understands you. She is your version of noodles. Sure, noodles are also your noodles, but you are blessed to have both noodles and a bestie.

She Is Basically Like Your Office Therapist
bc2m on Twitter

One of the greatest things about having a work wife is having someone to vent to about work frustrations who totally gets it. She understands when you complain about people not washing their dishes in the sink or cleaning up after themselves in a conference room. She gets it because she's also dealt with it. It's so nice to have someone who understands.

You Both Know The Struggle Of Getting Through An Entire Work Week
brandieappling on Twitter

Why is it that the weekend is two days long, and the work week is five? You and your work wife agree that it should be reversed. Let's all just have Monday and Tuesday as working days, and the rest can be for relaxing. How do we make this a law?

She Helps You Out When You Need It The Most
wholesomememe on Twitter

Sometimes, you find yourself overwhelmed on a project, and your work wife will swoop in to save the day like the superhero she is. Even if she works on a totally different team, she will do whatever she can to help you out. You would totally do the same for her.

It's so nice knowing that no matter what, you will never be alone when she is there.

When Friday Is Your Favorite Day Of The Week
ohmydisney on Twitter

I wish everyday was Friday. I'm sure you and your work wife can agree on this. If it wasn't for her and coffee, every other day of the week would be miserable. It's like every day is Friday, and you are Ariel singing "Part of Your World" on a rock when she is around.

Forget Work Politeness, Your BFF Knows How To Really Feel
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We all put on some kind of fake persona in the office. We have to remain polite to even the most annoying coworkers on the planet. Luckily, you have your bestie in the office to say how you really feel. That instant messenger you have up is where you really let your true feeling be known. It's your safe space to be you.

What Happens In The Meeting Stays In The Meeting — And With Your Work Wife
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You tell your bestie everything. If she wasn't in a meeting you attended, you'll let her know any juicy details that came out of it. People should know by now that what you know, she also knows.

You Feel Like New Women After Your Daily Coffee Trip
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You need those daily trips to either the kitchen or Starbucks to get your cup of coffee. It's become such a staple of your morning routine. It's the one thing that transforms you both into people who can now take on the work day like a boss.

What Really Would Happen If You Both Just Decided To Stay At Lunch All Day?
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Lunch is your favorite time of day. It is when you and your bestie get to break free from the office, eat food, and just gossip about everything that's been going on. Sometimes, you do get carried away and end up lunching longer than you should. That's when you fantasize about not returning to work.

You could go get your nails done or maybe grab some ice cream for dessert. Oh, if only you could.