9 Sweet Homecoming Game Instagram Captions For You & Bae’s Tailgate Pic

Jumping back into fall means many things: pumpkin spice lattes, booties, and cozy sweaters. It also means it's back-to-school season, and homecoming is probably just around the corner for you. Whether you're super into football or not, homecoming is generally a fun time to amp up your school spirit. You get to watch people fight over a ball, spend time with bae if you have one, and get those adorably peppy Instagrams full of school spirit. If you're not sure what to caption, I thought of some homecoming game Instagram captions with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

What you choose to caption your Instagram picture, of course, will depend on your personality. Do you like to stick to a cutesy caption with your partner when you post pictures? Do you like to joke a little bit, getting a bit more competitive and snarky? Are you more self-deprecating and honest in your captions, not trying to really impress people? That will all determine the kind of caption you use and what you'll want to go with for that perfect homecoming game Instagram picture. Besides thinking of the angles and filters of the photo itself, the caption is the essential topper for that ideal 'gram. You want it to match your personality, but fit in with the homecoming game theme. Check out some of my suggestions below.

You could go with something sweet.

If you usually prefer your Instagram captions with your significant other to have a sweeter side to it, you could do a similarly sweet Homecoming caption. You'll probably get other people groaning at how #goals the two of you are. Try one of these:

  • "He's definitely got his head in the game. 🏈"
  • "You feel like coming home."
  • "Happy to come home to you. 🏠🏈"
You could caption something a little more competitive.

Depending on whether you and your SO go to the same school or not, you could opt for an "us versus them" kind of caption, or a playful and competitive you versus your partner kind of caption. It's all in good fun! Try something sassy like:

  • "We may go home together, but here, we're a house divided. 👊"
  • "Couples that win together, stay together."
  • "At least with me, she's part of the winning team... 🤷😂"
You could opt for a joke on how you're really not there for the sport.

If, like me, you aren't big on football, but enjoy the hoopla of tailgating and eating beforehand, maybe select a more joking Instagram caption being honest about your real reason for being at the game. Try captioning it with something genuine about your true intentions or mindset:

  • "[Partner's name] knows I'm just here for the BBQ."
  • "Go sports?"
  • "I'm just doing it for the 'gram."

Whatever you end up choosing, I'm sure you'll get all the likes. Plus, you'll have cute pictures with your SO from the tailgate and game that will serve as fun memories. Now, uh, go team go!

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