9 'Grey's Anatomy' Memes Only You & "Your Person" Will Understand

You and your best friend know exactly what Thursdays are for — for Grey's Anatomy and that's it. You both have been through so much over the years that you feel like you could be one of the doctors at Seattle Grace. You know your BFF is "your person" aka the Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey. You both don't know how you would get through life without the other, and you especially wouldn't get through a dramatic season without having your bestie by your side with a glass of wine. You even laugh at the same Grey's Anatomy memes.

You totally get the feeling of having your heart ripped out of your chest by Shonda Rhimes, and now you both can laugh at it together. That Shonda sure does know how to break your heart, but she has also given us so much more to love. Like you would have never been able to express how much your BFF means to you without Cristina and Meredith and the whole "you're my person." Yes, it's dramatic but you both love Grey's Anatomy. That's why these nine Grey's Anatomy memes can be shared between you and "your person," because you both totally get it.

Shonda, You Are Evil
Christie Lynn on Twitter

It's like every time we think our characters can be happy on Grey's Anatomy, someone leaves or dies. Oh Shonda, why do you want us to suffer so much? You really must be evil, but we still love you.

Cristina Can't Catch A Break
Loving Grey's on Twitter

The irony is real here. The one thing you don't want, you get... twice. Cristina should really remind her body that she doesn't want kids. Though I guess it wouldn't be Grey's if we just got what we wanted.

We Should Have Listened
Puta Enorme on Twitter

Meredith's infamous "Pick me. Choose me. Love me." monologue now used as a Hillary Clinton meme hurts just as much as when Meredith delivered it to Derek in Season 2. Derek chose wrong, and I think we did, too. We should have listened!

He's McDreamy For A Reason
Loving Grey's on Twitter

We have to admit with all the drama that goes on at Seattle Grace, everyone sure does look amazing all the time. Even at his worse, Derek (aka McDreamy) always looked good. How does he do it? What kind of products is he using? He doesn't even have surgeon cap hair!

Summary For Every Season
Keri on Twitter

Just when you think no one else can die or leave, they do! This is a perfect summary for any Grey's Anatomy episode. Luckily, you have your bestie to cry with.

Someone Call A Doctor, My Heart Is Breaking
Keri on Twitter

You thought it would be a fun show to watch together every Thursday night. It definitely did bring you and your bestie closer together, because nothing brings you closer than tragedy. There's definitely enough of that to go around. Turn to "your person" and thank them for sticking by your side longer than any character on Grey's Anatomy.

You've Got My Attention
ლ. crowen on Twitter

This is how you and "your person" recruit new best friends into your squad — finding other people who watch Grey's Anatomy. Pretty soon you'll be on Taylor Swift's level with a huge crew to watch the show with.

Did Someone Ask For A Doctor?
Katie Louise Smith on Twitter

You and your bestie have watched enough Grey's Anatomy episodes that you feel like you're a doctor. You envision yourself as Meredith Grey every time someone asks if you have an Advil in your purse, and you provide them with one. You hear that, mom? I'm totally like a doctor now.

Is It Thursday Already?
Cansu on Twitter

Whether a new season premieres or it's just Thursday, you and "your person" have something to celebrate because there's a new Grey's Anatomy episode. I totally understand. You've probably been binge-watching old episodes in anticipation. I'm not crying from excitement, you are!