8 Similarities That Prove You & "Your Person" Are Actually Meredith & Cristina IRL

“Your person” is your best friend and other half. They complete you in a sense, and we have Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy to thank for coining the notorious phrase when she said Meredith Grey was her person. The two of them went through some pretty crazy things over the seasons that many of us can’t relate to, but the one thing we all know is that we have someone in our lives who is the Meredith to our Cristina, or vice versa. You can even find things Meredith and Cristina do on Grey's Anatomy that you and “your person” also do.

If you take away the hospital drama aspect of the show, Grey’s Anatomy could literally just be a documentary of your friendship. When you and your bestie watch the show, you can’t help but say, “OMG, we’re literally the same” when you see the things Meredith and Cristina do together on screen. In fact, you and “your person” have these eight similarities that prove that you are actually Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang IRL. You’re living in your own Shondaland with your best friend forever — of course, with less drama, and more wine and dancing... but pretty much the same.

You Are Each Other’s Emergency Contact

This is where the infamous “you’re my person” scene comes from. Cristina is forced to write down an emergency contact, and she puts down Meredith. You know that “your person” is the first person you want people to contact when you're in trouble. She will be there right by your side, holding your hand, and you would do the same for her.

You’re There For Each Other When Your Heart Gets Broken

Meredith and Cristina went through their fair share of heartache. Throughout the rollercoaster of emotions between McDreamy and Meredith, Cristina was always there. When Burke left Cristina, Meredith there was to rip off her wedding dress. Even if it’s just a jerk who ghosted you, you know your friend will be there with a carton of ice cream on hand ready to make you feel better.

You Support Each Other's Career Choices

You are your best friend's biggest supporter and motivator. You will be there for them every step of the way in their career, just like Meredith and Cristina were always there for each other from day one of their internship, all the way to becoming the best surgeons at Seattle Grace. You want her to succeed, even if it is in the same field as you.

Sometimes, You Just Need To Dance It Out

Dancing can be very therapeutic. Meredith and Cristina knew that, and so do you and your bestie. There's nothing better than throwing on a good song and just dancing like no one is watching. Even Cristina knew that's exactly what she needed one last time before she left Seattle.

They Can Make Your Worst Day Better

You and "your person" know you'll be there to help each other whenever there's a crisis at hand. You know that true friendship isn't bailing when things get tough, but rather getting through things together. Like Meredith and Cristina, being there as a shoulder to lean on for your friend during the worst day can make all the difference.

You Still Have Sleepovers

Just because you're adults, that doesn't mean you can't have a good old fashioned sleepover. That's what Meredith and Cristina taught us. You can still have an epic girls' night watching your favorite movies, drinking wine, and eating whatever snacks you want. "Mi casa es su casa," remember?

You Have An Exercise Routine

You and "your person" have your go-to exercise routine, whether it exists... or not so much. When Meredith and Cristina are forced to participate in a softball game, they both agree to just have fun with each other drinking and laying in the grass. You and your bestie agree that any activity you do, you're doing it together and having fun... and that's all that really matters.

You Vent To Each Other On The Regular

Sometimes, you just need to get everything off your chest, and your best friend is the person to run to. She will listen and be on your side. Meredith and Cristina knew they could always go to each other to complain about things going on at Seattle Grace whether at a bar, at home, or in the on-call room.