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9 Gifts Under $50 That You Deserve To Keep For Yourself

Santa’s already made his list and checked it twice, so it’s time to start dreaming up the top gifts to give those in your inner circle this year (and those on the fringes, if they’re lucky!). We may love the holidays, but they don’t always love our bank account back. Truth be told: After spending on seasonal upgrades like that new shimmery dress for the holiday party and home updates to impress family and friends, your gift-giving budget definitely has a limit… and one you’d like to stick to, for that matter.

Thankfully, over the years we’ve gleaned the wisdom that the best presents aren’t necessarily the most expensive. It’s all about that aha feeling someone gets when they unwrap something with meaning. How to tell? Look for that unmistakable glimmer in their eyes that will indicate you’ve aced the holiday gifting game.

This year, Elite Daily has partnered with WoodWick Candles, makers of the unique wooden wick candles that crackle as they burn. Each candle is designed to exceed your senses' expectations every time they're lit. You may even want to wrap up an extra one for yourself this year. Keep scrolling for major gift inspo that's sure to fit your budget.

1. For The Homebody

Those who prefer to hang with good company at home will adore a WoodWick ellipse candle for its inviting crackle and flicker. Bonus points that delicious notes of cinnamon and rich vanilla will linger in their space long after the flame goes out.

2. For The Sleeping Beauty

Trust me, after the holiday hustle is over, your friend will be wanting something cotton and cozy to slip into to get the ZZZs they deserve. This menswear-inspired PJ set is equal parts comfortable and luxe, made for sleeping, lounging, and everything in between. (Work-from-home Fridays, anyone?)

3. For The Planner

Some of us still don’t want to take our cals into the digital era— and hey, that’s OK. Your type-A pals will appreciate a dual weekly and monthly 2020 agenda that’s splashed with moody blooms. Even better? The design was created in collaboration with Cupcakes & Cashmere founder Emily Schuman, and I think I speak for many of us when I say that if it keeps her organized, I'm all in.

4. For The Trendsetter

We all have that friend or loved one who doesn’t really follow the crowd. That’s why you can whip her up a custom lipstick shade that’s hers and hers alone. Although Finding Ferdinand is not the first brand to create personalized lip color, its products are a fraction of the cost without scrimping on custom finishes, scents, and a name of your choice.

5. For The Holiday Fanatic

You know that person who collects Christmas ornaments year-round and is just itching to break out the pine cones and holly? Treat them to a holiday-ish fragrance they can use 365 days a year. WoodWick's Frasier Fir scent is reminiscent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree, encased in a chic ellipse-shaped vessel that enhances the experience.

6. For The Travel Devotee

Put some joy back into the packing process with a spill-proof toiletry bag from Shay Mitchell's brand that totes all the essentials in style. It keeps them organized, too: A special compartment for your toothbrush keeps it squeaky clean while the pouch’s innovative hang tab lets it double as a shower caddy. Win-win.

7. For The Night Owl

Bring a smile to the face of that friend who's always up late working, studying, or just marathon-streaming their favorite show (it happens to the best of us). An adorable emoji mug will not only keep them adequately caffeinated, it’ll get them in the right mood and keep them there. It’s also a spot-on gift for that fave colleague, teacher, or hard-to-buy-for someone.

8. For The Beauty Queen

What’s better than a good night’s rest? Waking up from a good night’s rest with good hair. Ensure your strands are totally crease-free with silk hair ties encased in a pretty holiday ornament. It’s the slightly frivolous treat any glamour girl will love to see hanging on the tree.

9. For The Foodie

I assure you, we'll all likely be sick of candy canes and sugar cookies come December 25. Transport your friend's taste buds straight to Paris with famed sweet shop Angelina’s delectable chocolate-covered crepes. Plus, the decorative tin works as a jewelry case when all the treats are gone (which, research proves, won’t take long).

This post is sponsored by WoodWick Candles.